Poem of the week

Somewhere in Liverpool by Jim Bennett I wrote the poem “SOMEWHERE IN LIVERPOOL” 25 years ago.  It was about a time much further back, 1967 and my early forays into performing poetry.  The poem appeared on my CD “DOWN IN LIVERPOOL” in 2001. You can hear me read the poem from the CD here https://poetrykit.org/27.wma   […]

Gladsongs and Gatherings

Gladsongs and Gatherings, The Story of Poetry in Liverpool and its social context since the 1960’s  Edited Stephen Wade.  Extract from a chapter by David Bateman. “Another new figure was Jim Bennett, a veteran of the 1960s live poetry scene who’d been going to O’Connor’s back in the days when he was too young to. […]

That’s it then…

“That’s it then.” “Any chance of slowing down.” “Not a hope sir. I think that’s it.” “We… we’ll crash into this unknown old rock then.” “I suppose so.” “Communications,  let the crew know.” In the background a siren and a recorded message, “brace for impact” repeats. “Turn that noise off on the bridge.” “Check auxiliary […]

50 years ago this month

In September 1972 I won my first ever contest. It was for longer narritive poems and this was it. The 1972 winner of the McMillan Prize worth was at the time a staggering £50. (Quite a bit in those days.) THE WATCHMAN (1) it’s not the cobweb curtained wood beams or the peeling plaster it’s […]

Enfield Poets Poem of the Month September 2022

a cabin by the lake by Jim Bennett

Enfield Poets Ekphrastic Exhibition 2022

The Enfield Poets organised a fine ekphrastic  exhibition in the Culture Palace,  Palace Exchange Shopping Centre 29, Palace Gardens Shopping Centre, Enfield EN2 6SN The exhibition was in place for two weeks from 3rd April 2022 Anthony Fisher with Katherine Stockton who curated the exhibition


DEAS FOR WINTER 2021 Here are some choice poetry reading and music ideas for those Winter nights. The first is ON THE ROYAL ROAD by James Bell from Shearsman Publications James Bell the poet who wrote “On the Royal Road” died earlier this year.  He left behind him a body of work that many would […]

Archive 1995 – Interview with Paul Williams

An Interview With Paul Williams By Jim Bennett When Barbra Streisand stepped up onto the podium to receive an Oscar for Best Song from Neil Diamond, at her side was Paul Williams. It was Paul who provided the words for Barbra’s melody and turned it into Evergreen, a song that has been described as, “the […]

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