Midnight Robin by Maureen Weldon
Pub; Poetry Space ISBN 978-1-909404-14-4  £5

I have been a fan of Maureen Weldon’s poetry since I first heard her reading at a Border’s Poetry Night near Chester some years ago. Her well structured and clearly observed writing has always been a favourite and never failed to deliver.

This new booklet of her poems from Poetry Space contains poetry that is strong and engaging, for example “The Dancer” has been a long time favourite, hinting at her career as a professional ballet dancer.  Alongside that are poems that are new to me, “Midnight Robin” the title poem is exceptional, an outrstanding poem, as is “Liverpool to Dublin: 1943”, chronicling a wartime sea journey hunted by a U-boat. These poems present vivid well captured moments written in a strong authentic voice.  For those unfamiliar with Maureen’s poetry this is a fine introduction.

Outstanding poems for me; Midnight Robin, The Day of the Dead, Peaches
(Jim Bennett, Poetry Kit)