Congratulations to Indigo Dreams and Reach Magazine

Indigo Dreams Publishing
It is a great pleasure for me to congratulate REACH POETRY which has just published its 200th edition.  This is a great milestone for any magazine let alone a monthly poetry magazine.  One of the surprising things about REACH is the quality of its contributions and this must be down to the style of its editor Ronnie Goodyer.  Ronnie together with Dawn Bauling, both fine poets in their own right,  run the wonderful Indigo Dreams Publishing and have published an envious selection of poets in all of their magazines and publications.  It was for their immense contribution to poetry that Ronnie and Dawn were jointly awarded the TED SLADE AWARD in 2015.

So it is with every good wish for the future of Indigo Dreams, Reach Poetry, and the other magazines they publish, including the wonderful SARASVATI, edited by Dawn, that we take the opportunity to congratulate them on this milestone.

All magazines keep going on the strength of their subscribers who vote with their subscriptions renewal.  So REACH POETRY must be doing something right as they have a dedicated and loyal following, you can see why by getting a sample copy or taking out a subscription, they are available from this address