LARK SKIES by Chester Poets
Cestrian Press ISBN 9780 904448 450

This anthology grew from a Chester Poets project to engage with the poets of the WW1.  Each poet chose a writer from WW1 and wrote a poem inspired by them, and this together with a short biography of the poet chosen is produced in this anthology.   The poems illuminate both well known and lesser known poets, and it is good to see several female poets included.  A lovely idea and a fitting tribute to the poets of WW1.

Outstanding poems – Marigold Roy’s  THE LAST ROAD, Katy Konrad’s RUPERT BROOKE 1887-1915, Paul Beech’s STALEMATE  and Maureen Weldon’s THOMAS KETTLE 1880-1916.–A-Celebrartion-of-WWI-Poets/9780904448450