POEMS FOR A LIMINAL AGE    Edited by Mandy Pannett
SPM Publications ISBN: 978-0-9927055-6-5

This anthology of poetry grew from an idea by Mandy Pannett, author of ALL THE INVISIBLES from the same publisher,  a previous Poetry Kit Book of the Month, to produce an anthology of poetry in support of the charity Médecins Sans Frontières.   The publisher SPM agreed and the result is a collection of poetry that moves through many different responses to the idea engaged by the title.  There are poems touch on hopelessness, sadness and loss.  These are strong ideas and some are hard to read the way they evoke these feelings in the reader.  If you stick with it then the positives appear and overall you are left with a feeling that we live in an age where some feel estranged but that ultimately there is hope and possibilities, and a feeling of excitement in embracing the future.  Ultimately this book reaffirms the ability of poetry to hold up a mirror to the times in which we live and show it in all its aspects.   Perhaps this anthology is also a part of the solution to some of the problems.  A lot of poets must have agreed because there are many fine writers represented in these 244 pages.


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