Call for Poets/Writers


A multi-media project in the North-East England funded by Arts Council England

Coordinated by identity on tyne, Presence has developed out of a First World War project, Beyond the Western Front, which researched the contribution of Black, Asian and ethnic minorities in the First World War.

Presence aims to involve 7 commissions for BAME writers within the northern region of the UK, to utilise primary research to create original poetry. Working with partners within the region and/or independently, the writers will create one piece of poetry that will be audio recorded to accompany an interactive installation of voices. At the same time of the recording taking place, the writers will be photographed by Dawn Felicia Knox. These portraits would form part of the final exhibition along with the audio recordings.

This commission would include:

  • research
  • writing
  • recording
  • portrait
  • sharing events in conjunction with the final exhibition  If you would like to apply for this commission, please send the following by email: • A covering letter which explains your interest in the project and outlines your writing track record and published work. • An example of your writing that you think suitably supports your application (no more than 5 poems) 


  • If you would like to discuss the commission in more detail, please email any questions to the project coordinator at the above email address.
  • Please send this information to by 20th November 2016
  • The commissioning fee for the project is £1000.