Results of Poetry Kit Poetry Competition 2019


Grandma's dancing by Eleanor Scorah  - Durham

Best Friends by Jess Tucker Boyd  - London

All That Jazz by Lauren Colley 
Nebulous by Andy Millican
Herons by Helên Thomas
Bones by Amy Archer-Williams
When I was Queen of Poetry by Sarah Lewis
The old line through beech woods by Lesley Burt 

Short listed
When You’re Friends with Someone... by Carolyn Oulton
Things to do after by Tim Dowley
The Wardrobe by Sarah Lancaster   Romania   
Delicate Leaves by Margaret Staniforth
Orchards at Grenfell by Mandy Pannett
Out of a Wall by Mandy Pannett
The Cowrie Shell by Tim Taylor
Wife by Noel; King
Guard Llama by Allyn Alecrim  - USA
Brad from Joe Soaps Hand Car Wash by Roger Elkin
Rocky by Julia Paillier
History by David Mell
The Walk at Kintsbury by Matthew Adamo
Six By Six Shed by Laura Jenner
The New Team by Carolyn O' Connell 
Travelling alone, together by Jan Harris
A private view by Danny Herbert

Results Poetry Kit Summer Poetry Competition, 2018

The winning poem
Bagpuss Makes a List of Complaints by Jane Burn from  County Durham, UK

Boots by Louisa Goodman from Houston, TX. USA

The other poems that made it to the shortlist are listed here and are highly commended.
Corfe Castle at sunset by Lesley Burt from Dorset, UK
Talking About Your Favourite Book by Maurice Devitt from Dublin, Republic of Ireland
Marshall by Charnjit Gill from Hayes, UK
The Woman You Never Tell, Anyone You Know by Sharmeka Victoria Hunter from Clairton PA, USA
Chromatic Cycle by Mike Jones from Wantage, UK
Apologies to Casabianca by John Lepine from Stockport, UK
A Beginners’ Guide to the Galaxy by Al Mcclimens
To a Tortoise by Mandy Pannett from West Sussex, UK
Hats by Judith Wozniak from Fareham, UK