Summer Poetry Competition 2016

Winner of the Poetry Kit Summer Competition 2016
Ion Corcos – Ithaca from a Ferry

Derek Sellen – From the Inventory of the Museum of Twentieth Century Things
Oz Hardwick – Rock-a-Bye
Bethany Climpson – solar systems
Angela Rigby – Lost
A.C. Clarke – Portrait of the Author at Ten
Stuart Nunn – Severn, night, tide rising
Roger Elkin – Rock End

Selecting a winner from this year’s Summer Competition entries was very difficult task. There were so many excellent poems that even selecting a shortlist meant a lot of difficult decisions had to be made. All of the shortlisted poets reflected the theme and engaged the reader with a strong visual element, using images to illustrate fine detail in their poetry.

Many poems fell by the wayside in the selection process and perhaps it will be helpful if I say that most of the poems rejected at this stage, just failed to engage the judge sufficiently to be memorable and demand selection. If a poem attracted attention when read then it was put into a long list and read again. However at this stage some poems had already started to assert themselves and so, on rereading, were moved to the final shortlist.

The shortlisted poems were all fine pieces of work that had earned their place in the final selection. From the short list the winning poem and the three highly commended poems were chosen and it was very difficult to decide the overall winner, but in the end it was memorable imagery and a unique approach that had made the difference. After reading the poems the winner was the poem that stayed with me.

Jim Bennett