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We are inviting contributions from poets around the world for our online anthology for poems that are written during lockdown these do not need to engage with the pandemic but must be written during this time.  See https://www.poetrykit.org/plague.htm

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1st May 2021 Tethers End, a new literary magazine. Theme for issue two is "Folklore"
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8th May 2021 New Defences of Poetry
What use or purpose does poetry serve, or might it serve, in a time when social justice issues are at the forefront of public discussion in the arts, academia and private life? In what ways can poets impact the civil rights movements that take centre stage in the news and on social media? Where does poetry stand in relation to the cataclysmic events – war, genocide, pandemics, the climate crisis – of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries? What is poetry’s relationship to activism?
At a time when the arts are increasingly under threat in public arenas, what place can poetry have in areas such as education, mental health or criminal rehabilitation? 2021 marks the 200th anniversary of the composition of Percy Bysshe Shelley’s ‘A Defence of Poetry’ (1821) – one of the boldest and most profound statements on the power of poetry to act as a social and political force. In celebration of this seminal work, the Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts is inviting submissions from practicing poets of short prose essays in response to the theme of ‘A Defence of Poetry’.
The works selected will be published on the NCLA Archives website in July 2021, with the possibility of a print publication to follow. The publication will be launched at an event at Newcastle University, at which selected authors will be invited to read both from their defences and from poems which they feel reflect, engage with or build upon their critical arguments. Full rules and guidelines, as well as contact details for the Editor, can be found at: https://www.ncl.ac.uk/ncla/newdefences/ . The Editor – David O’Hanlon-Alexandra