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To be considered as a featured poet in Caught in the Net or for our Poem of the Week, please send one poem and bio to info@poetrykit.org mark subject “poetry submission” 


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30th June 2017

Based in the United Kingdom, the great gromboolian plain is a new international webzine devoted to original nonsense poetry and prose in English (or English-ish -- we encourage submissions even if you do not think your English is great. Make your own music with English!). Audio and video recordings and visual art also welcome. Submissions should include a few words of biographical information. Take a look at what we've published -- what nonsense can you make? Publishing decisions are prompt and we publish on acceptance.

Submissions e-mail: thegreatgromboolianplain@gmail.com



31st July 2017

The new issue of Phenomenal Literature is released and you can find its details on its website www.phenomenalliterature.com. Now we are looking for submissions for the next issue of VerbalArt: A Global Journal Devoted to Poets and Poetry. Submission guidelines can be found at http://verbalart.in/submission.php. The last date of submission is 31 July 2017 and the next issue will come out by 30 Sep 2017.

we are also looking for submissions for International Poetry Anthology. For more details visit:-


31st August 2017

The Matador Review is an online literature and art quarterly based in Chicago, Illinois. We publish poetry, fiction, flash fiction, and creative non-fiction, inviting all unpublished literature written in the English language (and translations that are accompanied by the original text) as well as many forms of visual art.
We are accepting submissions for our Fall 017 publication through August 31.
Our purpose: to promote "alternative work" from both art and literature, and to encourage the new-wave of respect for online publications. In each issue, we offer a selection of work from both emerging and established artists, as well as exclusive interviews and book reviews from creators who are, above all else, provocative. For us, alternative is a way of voice and experience. It is the distinction from what is conventional, and it advocates for a progressive attitude.
Submission information can be found at: www.matadorreview.com/submissions
Submissions can be sent to editors@matadorreview.com

Questions and concerns can be sent to contact@matadorreview.com

31st August 2017 Peeking Cat Anthology 2017
Our first anthology was a great success, so we're doing it all again this year! Send in your submissions of poetry, flash fiction and artwork (black and white only) by 31st August - see the
submission guidelines for full details. Please also clearly state whether your work is being submitted for the anthology or the magazine!
Need some inspiration? Peeking Cat Anthology 2016 is available in paperback and hardback on Lulu.com, in paperback on Amazon, and on Kindle.
Find all the links here.
31st August 2017

Neon is a UK-based literary magazine that publishes poetry, prose, and artwork from anywhere in the world. At the moment we're looking for submissions to be published in our next and future issues. We're particularly interested in seeing work that relates to our upcoming themes of "The Apocalypse" and "Futurism", but welcome unthemed work as well.

Link: http://neonmagazine.co.uk/guidelines/
30th September 2017 Optimum Poetry Zine  We are a new zine wanting to publish the very best contemporary poetry. We will accept the very best original poetry from around the world in any form and any subject We are open for submission and will give a quick response.  Send up to five poems to Lucy Turnbull at  lucy71@gmx.co.uk
12th November 2017

Zymbol Magazine is publishing books!!! Each book we publish will receive full distribution, a sponsored reading, an ad in our annual international newsstand edition of Zymbol magazine and copies of the book. Our open call is for all genres, approaches and subject matter and we're looking for novels, short story and poetry collections      http://www.zymbolmag.com/

27th November 2017 Laldy! Call for submissions. Poetry and prose wanted for a brand new bi annual literary journal based in the west coast of Scotland, published by Clochoderick press – a new non profit literary organization that aims to publish unrepresented writers both in our journal and also through their own collections. For the journal, send no more than ten A4 pages of poetry and no more than 5000 words of prose (either as one story or as a group of smaller stories). Send all submissions to clochoderickpress.laldy@gmail.com. For more information in submission guidelines visit www.clochoderickpress.co.uk
31st Dec 2018

Call for Submissions: An International Poetry Anthology

Magnum Opus: A Poetry Anthology on Universal Oneness

Submission Deadline: 31 Dec 2018 (Midnight)

Publication Expected: 2019

Publisher: Authorspress, New Delhi, India

Editor: Dr. Vivekanand Jha

The New Delhi based Authorspress proposes to bring out in 2019, Magnum Opus: A Poetry Anthology on Universal Oneness, announces Dr Vivekanand Jha, Editor of the Anthology.

Each poet can contribute just only one poem, not exceeding 50 lines, along with bio not exceeding 100 words. The last date for submission is 31 Dec 2018.