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Now with a monthly challenge.

15th December 2019

Ecosystems of the Future

Call out for sci-fi/speculative poetry and fiction inspired by endangered species.

Writing has always helped people to imagine possibilities for themselves and the world around them. Use your imagination to support two projects saving endangered species: the Willow Tit Project, and the Ancients of the Future project which is working to protect 28 threatened species which live in ancient trees, including the Violet Click Beetle, the Royal Splinter Cranefly, Eagle’s-claw Lichen, Coral-tooth Fungi, Knothole Moss and the Noctule Bat.

The Willow Tit is found in post-industrial landscapes, excavating their own nest holes in rotting deadwood, and making a life in areas we might consider wastelands. What unexpected alliances might humans have with plants and animals? What life might spring up in places that have been written off?

Ancient trees provide homes for 2,000 species – they are whole ecosystems in themselves. The young trees being planted now will watch the world change. What might they see? And how can we protect them?

Back from the Brink is creating an anthology of poetry and fiction inspired by these projects. Send your speculative stories and sci-fi poems. They are looking for work which thinks about how humans and non-human beings relate to each other. They are particularly looking for work which includes the species the projects are working with in some way. 

The anthology will be edited by Katherine McMahon, a writer and arts facilitator currently in residence with Back From The Brink. 

I think hard times are coming, when we will be wanting the voices of writers who can see alternatives to how we live now, and can see through our fear-stricken society and its obsessive technologies, to other ways of being. And even imagine some real grounds for hope.” - Ursula le Guin


31st December 2019 2019

The Poetry Village has been publishing online twice a week for over 18 months and is growing in reputation both in the UK and around the world.


31st December 2019 Parhelion is accepting short story, flash, creative nonfiction, and poetry submissions for the Winter 2020 issue. We're also accepting book reviews, author interviews, articles on writing, literary events, and other related topics for our ongoing Features section. Please check out our submission guidelines to submit. We look forward to reading your work, and thanks for considering us! parhelionliterary.com
10t February 2020


Dial-a-Poem celebrates 50 years since John Giorno’s public art project launched in New York City. Giorno’s Dial-a-Poem connected callers to answering machines playing recordings by poets such as Allen Ginsberg, John Cage and Patti Smith. 2020 will see the service re-wired across several platforms. Winning poems will be published and recorded for the Dial-A-Poem app, a renovated K8 phone kiosk in the City of Nottingham and project website. The app will launch at The Science Museum in 2020.

The competition invites students enrolled at a UK institute of higher or further education to enter a poem on the theme of calling. This brief may be interpreted freely – poems can be directly or indirectly ‘telephonic’.

Prizes are awarded in National Book Tokens. First prize is £500, second prize is £300 and third prize is £200. An additional prize of £100 National Book Token will be awarded to a student currently enrolled at Nottingham Trent University.


30th April 2020

The Projectionists Playground.  The autumn equinox has just passed by and it's time for me to send out this call for submissions for issue 11, to appear in June 2020. Texts as A5 pdfs, if possible, and images as greyscale jpegs please. Closing date 30th April 2020.

I look forward to reading your work. theprojectionistsplayground@gmail.com

See website for more information  www.the-projectionists-playground.com  

30th November 2020

Poems for Occasions

Presented by Angela Poetry Magazine and Wax Poetry and Art.

The general public often engages with poetry during occasions such as holidays and important life events. Poems for Occasions will create a free online resource that will allow people to find poems about occasions when they most want to read them. This project also intends to generate royalties for poets and help increase overall poetry readership, worldwide.

Submissions are open during January, March, May, July, September, and November. If the occasion is a holiday, submissions are also accepted within 15 days before and after the holiday. Submissions are open to everyone on Earth. No initial payment.

This publication is based in Canada.

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