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We are inviting contributions from poets around the world for our online anthology for poems that are written during lockdown these do not need to engage with the pandemic but must be written during this time.  See https://www.poetrykit.org/plague.htm

Please send 1 poem per submission, include a short 3rd person literary biography, your location and the date the poem was completed.

send it to info@poetrykit.org   

31st January 2021

The Brown Envelope Book

Poetry and prose on experiences of unemployment, the benefits system, disability and work capability assessments

Call for Submissions

Caparison Books in collaboration with Don't Go Breaking Our Arts (formerly Nothing4Something) Facebook group, and Culture Matters (www.culturematters.org.uk), is currently putting together an anthology of poetry and prose on experiences of disability, unemployment and navigating the tortuous benefits system and work capability regimen of the past decade. Submissions are welcomed from those who are writing about their personal experiences and also from those empathising with the experiences of others. 

The anthology, to be titled The Brown Envelope Book, will initially be produced as an ebook (The Brown E-Book, if you like), and then will progress to a print entity in due course. We anticipate print publication around March/April 2021, though the ebook will appear around Feb/March 2021. Provisional deadline for submissions: 31 Jan 2021.

The anthology will be the de facto third (and final) Caparison anti-austerity anthology, following on -albeit belatedly- from The Robin Hood Book - Verse Versus Austerity (2012), and Emergency Verse - Poetry in Defence of the Welfare State (2010/11). 

Guidelines for submissions:

- There is no specific word count limit for contributions but editors reserve the right to suggest edits or cuts depending on space.

- The editors may suggest edits or changes to some submissions where it's felt these might improve them.

- Ideally no more than three poems or one prose piece per submitter.

- Submissions can be sent either as Word or Word-compatible email attachments, or, ideally, in the body of the email. 

- Please include with submission a biog with place and date of birth, any previous publications, journal and magazine credits and/or occupational details.

- Please email your submission to therecusant@yahoo.co.uk 

In the collective spirit of the previous two Caparison anthologies, The Brown Envelope Book will be compiled alphabetically by surname.

28th February 2021

Lucky Jefferson 

 Call for Subs. We publish 4 times a year, once per season, and ask that all interested authors review our Submit page and Submit here on Submittable. 

The current theme for our next print issue of 2021 [spring debut] is Riff. Call information included below.




If instruments could speak, what would they say? 

Writers are invited to join Lucky Jefferson for our first poetic and collaborative jam session-esque issue!

We're accepting poetry between 20-27 lines that includes the following refrain:

first line: A burst of sudden tempo evokes tremors
end line: rubato rhythms, inclined ears exalt
(line limit includes refrain)

Pieces should begin with the first line and conclude with the end line. Help us set the tone, inspire rhythm, create tempo, birth soul by describing what sounds you hear, expressing how the music and art of others liberates, and/or telling us what you see unfolding in our jam session.

All submissions will be used to create a larger 渡ever-ending musical poem.

It's FREE to submit until February 28.