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Submitting information to The Poetry Kit

To enable the contents and usefulness of the Poetry Kit Newsletter to grow we put it out as an attachment.  It will still arrive every month in an email but the bulk of the newsletter itself will be in the attachment.  To submit information for inclusion in any area of The Poetry Kit including the Newsletter please see submission details at


PK Poetry List

The Poetry Kit's own e-mail discussion list which is one of the longest established and one of the best poetry discussion lists on the Internet.  

The PK List is a community of poets from around the world who share their poetry for comment.  There is no cost to join but anyone who want to join us must  take part in a fair way,

 and be prepared to comment on other peoples poetry.  There are a lot of mails and new members are advised to either set up a unique address for the list mail or use a post-box rule to separate

out the list mail, this is easy to do as all mail from the list is marked (PK) in the subject line.  Please do consider it as it is a valuable resource and helps everyone to get good feedback for their poems..

To join the list go to jiscmail or email for information.  Visit the PK List website. 





(1925 - 2019)




There is a full listing of regularly held events and festivals from around the world at the Poetry kit website.-


Regular Open Mic Events in the UK

Chiswick 25th February 2020

Tue 25 Feb 2020, 7.30 pm: A Whole Day�s Dreaming: Yeats, the Thames, and Poetry

Host: Chiswick Pier Trust
Lecture by: Cahal Dallat with Yeats readings by Anne-Marie Fyfe

The Thames has long had a magnetic attraction for writers and artists but for Nobel-Prize-winning poet WB Yeats, growing up in nearby Bedford Park, the riverbanks between Chiswick Pier & Hammersmith were a vital resource: both a place to meet influential and inspirational people, and the source of one of the world�s best-loved poems of longing, The Lake Isle of Innisfree.





1st December 2019 1st £50

entry   free

Anglica's Poetry Competition

The poem should be metrical, and should be no longer than 100 lines, though extracts from longer work are permitted. There are no formal or thematic restraints, and so long as it is written in a discernible metre (or several!), entrants are encouraged to follow their fancy, whether that leads to the outlandish, the passionate, or even the dull.

The best poems will feature in Anglica's journal, and in addition the winner shall receive a £50 prize, and one runner up shall receive a prize of £20.

For more details see

1st December 2019 1st £1000

entry £4

The Cafe Writers Open Poetry Competition 2019

The Cafe Writers Open Poetry Competition 2019 Prizes:

1st: £1000  2nd: £300   3rd: £200

Five Commended Prizes of £50

Norfolk Prize £100 (best poem from a permanent Norfolk resident not winning another prize)

Sole Judge: Zaffar Kunial. Published by Faber & Faber, Zaffar Kunial’s debut book Us (2018) was shortlisted for the T. S. Eliot Prize, the Costa Poetry Award, the Roehampton Poetry Prize and the Rathbones Folio Prize, and was a Poetry Book Society Wild Card Choice. Previously a Faber New Poet, Zaffar has also been a prizewinner in the National Poetry Competition and has won the Geoffrey Dearmer Prize and a Northern Writers’ Award.

For more information see

2nd December 2019 1st $2000


The Fiddlehead’s 29th annual poetry contest. Our judges this year are Ali Blythe, Kayla Geitzler, and Souvankham Thammavongsa. The entry fee is $30 CAD for Canadian addresses and $36 USD for non-Canadian addresses. Entry fee includes a 1-year subscription. Additional entries are only $10 each. One entry consists of 1-3 poems (max. 100 li nes each poem). One prize of $2,000 CAD (+ publication at $60 CAD per page) will be awarded and the winner will be published in the Spring 2020 issue, as well as online at our website. For more information visit our website:

6th December 2019 1st €2,000

entry €6

Strokestown International Poetry Prize 2020

The competition is now open. Entries will be judged by Enda Wyley and John F. Deane.

  • 1st Prize €2,000
  • 2nd Prize €700
  • 3rd Prize €500

Plus reading fees of €300 for 7 shortlisted poets

The 10 shortlisted poems will be published in the Strokestown Anthology 2020.

For more information

28th December 2019 1st  $250


 The Dream Quest One Poetry Contest is international, open to anyone who enjoys expressing one's innermost thoughts and feelings into the beautiful art poetry. Welcome to all having the ability to dream... Write a poem, 30 lines or fewer on any subject, theme or form. All entries must be neatly hand printed or legibly typed. Multiple entries are accepted. All works must be original. Prizes: $250, $125, $50. Entry fee is $5(USD) per poem.  Postmark deadline: December 28, 2019. Send your name, address, phone#, email address with brief biographical info (Tell us a little about yourself), on the coversheet. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope. Make fee(s) payable to: DREAMQUESTONE.COM. Mail entri(es)/fee(s) to: Dream Quest One Poetry Contest, P.O. Box 3141, Chicago, IL 60654, USA. Visit for details on how to enter!

31st December 2019 1st 200

entry £4

Snowdrop Festival Competition

Celebrate snowdrops and the world of The Snowdrop King!

2020 Judge: Jane Draycott,

Theme: Snowdrops, the James Allen story and Monochrome & Green as specified by judge

Three age categories: 11 & Under, 12 to 17, 18 & Over

Prize for each category £50, £70, £200

Entry fees: free to Under 18s, £4 per entry 18 & Over

Line Limit: 30 lines

Closes 31st December 2019, 11pm

Entries via:



31st December 2020 1st £400

entry £4

Wolverhampton Literature Festival will be running their 2020 poetry competion in conjunction with Write Out Loud. The competition opens on October 12th, and welcomes entries on the theme of 'vision' right up until the closing date of December 31st.

This year's judge is renowned Midlands poet Roz Goddard, who says she's partial to poems "that are unexpected, inventive, filmic with a sumptuous spread, playful poems, intense poems that make me catch my breath, poems where I get a sense of the poet firmly in their own authentic territory, opening their shoulders, going for it."

Make Roz catch her breath! First prize is £400, second prize £150, and there are three 3rd prizes of £25 each. Winning and shortlisted poets will be invited to read their poems at an award ceremony at the Literature Festival in Wolverhampton on Sunday February 2nd, 2020.

You can read all the rules, and enter poems into the competition, here:

31st December 2019 1st £100

entry £5 (two poems)

Against the Grain Poetry Press Poem Competition

Open to anyone aged 18 or over from any country. Poems must be unpublished, in English and no longer than 40 lines (excluding title and line breaks).

Judge: Sarah James/Leavesley - prize-winning poet, fiction writer, journalist and photographer and editor at V. Press.

First Prize - £100
Second Prize - £75
Third Prize - £50

For further details see

31st December 2019 1st Publication

entry £25

Nicely Folded Paper – Trois Pamphlet Competition

Hedgehog Press' final collection competition of the year sees them searching for three poets who will have their work beautifully produced in 2020.

Each winner will receive 100 copies of their pamphlet.

This is an open competition and all poets are encouraged to enter, whatever their age or experience.

Judged by Mark Davidson, Editor The Hedgehog Press.

31st December 2019 1st €10,000

entry €15

Moth Poetry Prize
1st prize €10,000, 3 runner-up prizes of €1,000. The prize is open to anyone (over 16) and is for an unpublished poem. The four shortlisted poems will be published in the spring 2020 issue of The Moth and the overall winner will be announced at a special award ceremony at Poetry Ireland in Dublin on 30 April 2020. There is an entry fee of €15 per poem. This year’s judge is Claudia Rankine.

For more details see

3rd January 2020 1st  undisclosed

entry £4

Protecting Life on Earth: Barn Owl Trust Poetry Competition

This is the sixth Open Poetry Competition, the subject of which is 'Protecting Life on Earth', run by the Barn Owl Trust, a small national charity.  

Open to all, funds raised will go towards providing care for casualty birds received at their Sanctuary.  

The winner of the 2017 competition Philip Burton will judge this year's competition.





Nine Muses Poetry is a webzine edited and managed by Annest Gwilym, poet and occasional short story writer. It features all forms of poetry by new, emerging and established poets, showcasing the best of contemporary poetry.

Now with a monthly challenge.

15th December 2019

Ecosystems of the Future

Call out for sci-fi/speculative poetry and fiction inspired by endangered species.

Writing has always helped people to imagine possibilities for themselves and the world around them. Use your imagination to support two projects saving endangered species: the Willow Tit Project, and the Ancients of the Future project which is working to protect 28 threatened species which live in ancient trees, including the Violet Click Beetle, the Royal Splinter Cranefly, Eagle’s-claw Lichen, Coral-tooth Fungi, Knothole Moss and the Noctule Bat.

The Willow Tit is found in post-industrial landscapes, excavating their own nest holes in rotting deadwood, and making a life in areas we might consider wastelands. What unexpected alliances might humans have with plants and animals? What life might spring up in places that have been written off?

Ancient trees provide homes for 2,000 species – they are whole ecosystems in themselves. The young trees being planted now will watch the world change. What might they see? And how can we protect them?

Back from the Brink is creating an anthology of poetry and fiction inspired by these projects. Send your speculative stories and sci-fi poems. They are looking for work which thinks about how humans and non-human beings relate to each other. They are particularly looking for work which includes the species the projects are working with in some way. 

The anthology will be edited by Katherine McMahon, a writer and arts facilitator currently in residence with Back From The Brink. 

I think hard times are coming, when we will be wanting the voices of writers who can see alternatives to how we live now, and can see through our fear-stricken society and its obsessive technologies, to other ways of being. And even imagine some real grounds for hope.” - Ursula le Guin

31st December 2019 2019

The Poetry Village has been publishing online twice a week for over 18 months and is growing in reputation both in the UK and around the world.

31st December 2019 Parhelion is accepting short story, flash, creative nonfiction, and poetry submissions for the Winter 2020 issue. We're also accepting book reviews, author interviews, articles on writing, literary events, and other related topics for our ongoing Features section. Please check out our submission guidelines to submit. We look forward to reading your work, and thanks for considering us!





Poetry Kit Online Poetry Courses

Our students have won or been commended in many poetry competitions including the UK National Poetry Competition, 

have  published collections of poetry, been published in anthologies and magazines, in print and online.  They have appeared on Radio and TV

performed their poetry in schools and libraries. 


New courses start the second and fourth Monday of each month

You need nothing more than an interest in improving as a poet and email or internet access.


Poetry Foundation Course


A course suitable for those looking for an introduction to writing poetry.

The Foundation Course is an introduction to writing poetry.  If want to write and start to understand poetry and to develop the basic skills to help express yourself, then this is for you.  You will learn how poetry can help  you to see things in a different way and gain confidence in writing about them.


More Details For This Course






Poetry Course - Part 1


A course in reading and writing poetry.  For the poets who want to develop their skills.

If you have been writing poetry and feel you want to take it further, then this course will help you to improve and show you new skills and how to get the best from your writing. Learn more about poetic devices, structure, editing and form.  We also look at markets for your poetry and getting published.

More Details For This Course






Poetry Course - Part 2 


A course in advanced writing skills.  To help a skilled poet improve further.


You may have been writing for a while, been published, won competitions, feel you have had some success,  This course with exercises designed to help you recognise your style and voice, will help you to maximise the potential

More Details For This Course






A one to one mentoring service offering detailed support and writing exercises.

One to one mentoring. Ideas are discussed and foundations for poems developed with assistance and critique in working through drafts to completed poems. This is a mentoring experience and will work with strengths and identify weaknesses in writing style, all content will be chosen to meet the needs of the student.


More Details For This Course






A personal critique service.

This is an individual critique service available from Jim Bennett, allowing those using the service to send 10 poems and have them individually critiqued by Jim who is an internationally known, prize-winning poet.  By sending poems over a period of time the participant can use the service to develop their skills and to get feedback on their progress.



More Details For This Course





The Poetry of Bob Dylan


Exploring the lyrics and poetry of Bob Dylan.


We will looking at examples of his writing from periods throughout his career and examining how he uses words to shape the environment of the song.  Dylan regularly broke the rules of lyrical writing and in doing so created a body of work that rewards exploration with techniques and possibilities.




More Details For This Course







Poetry Kit runs a full range of interesting and challenging courses.  In addition to those listed above there are other

courses including  Script writing and The Poetry of Bob Dylan. 

For a more complete listing of courses and availability please see





PLEASE NOTE Poetry Kit does not accept paid advertising or exchange links.  All listed services are listed because we believe they

offer a good reliable service.  There is no charge made or expected for listing at Poetry Kit.



Poetry Kit on-line courses and critique service. For details see





~Good Poems Made Better~

Send 4-book poet Dan Masterson a one-page poem of your own making, and he'll comment on it free of charge. Thereafter you may continue working with him on a fee basis if you wish

 (and receive a $10 discount for those receiving this mail).

See details at  and read his first two books online at



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