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Submitting information to The Poetry Kit

To enable the contents and usefulness of the Poetry Kit Newsletter to grow we put it out as an attachment.  It will still arrive every month in an email but the bulk of the newsletter itself will be in the attachment.  To submit information for inclusion in any area of The Poetry Kit including the Newsletter please see submission details at


PK Poetry List

The Poetry Kit's own e-mail discussion list which is one of the longest established and one of the best poetry discussion lists on the Internet.  

The PK List is a community of poets from around the world who share their poetry for comment.  There is no cost to join but anyone who want to join us must  take part in a fair way,

 and be prepared to comment on other peoples poetry.  There are a lot of mails and new members are advised to either set up a unique address for the list mail or use a post-box rule to separate

out the list mail, this is easy to do as all mail from the list is marked (PK) in the subject line.  Please do consider it as it is a valuable resource and helps everyone to get good feedback for their poems..

To join the list go to jiscmail or email for information.  Visit the PK List website. 







There is a full listing of regularly held events and festivals from around the world at the Poetry kit website.-


Regular Open Mic Events in the UK

Forest of Dean 7th August 2019

On 7th August,  a free music and poetry event in my parents' garden nursery in the heart of the Forest of Dean.. The garden nursery is called Pygmy Pinetum. Do check out the website:

The event is the launch of composer Justin Nicholl's new symphony. 

Wye Valley Seasons celebrates the seasons in the Wye Valley. Justin will be accompanied by musicians and a choir. During interludes in the music, four Forest of Dean poets, including myself, will be reading poems connected to the seasons, nature and The Wye Valley.

Check Justin out: he's awesome!! Here's his website:

The event is free and food and drink will be provided, though all contributions to these are welcome. There will be two performances: one earlier and one later in the day. Please let us know if you are coming:.





15th August 2019 1st Cash prize

entry E5.50

Charroux Short Memoir and Poetry Prize

The Charroux Memoir Prize for poetry and prose launches this year. It builds on the success of the Charroux Literary Festivals in 2015 and 2017.

The judges for 2019 are the award-winning poet and playwright Gordon Simms and author Susie Kelly.

There are two categories of entries this year - Short Memoir and Poetry. Cash prizes for the winners and runners up in both categories. Publicity and publication of the winning entries online.
19th August 2019 1st Publication

entry £10


We will be publishing up to six new booklets of poems each year, and these will be selected by competition. Our competition will be judged by poet and editor, LUCY TURNBULL of OPTIMUM MAGAZINE.   First prize is Publication and 50 free copies of the booklet.   Help will also be given to prepare the final manuscript. Entry is £10 and there may be more than one winner. Please submit a proposed collection of up to 10 poems in the first instance before Monday 19th August 2019.  Shortlisted poets may be asked to submit the whole collection of up to 36 poems for the editor’s final decision.

For further details and to enter online see   

28th August 2019 1st  £500

entry £10

Grindstone International Poetry Prize 2019

The 2019 Grindstone International Poetry Prize is open for submissions. Grindstone Literary is one of the largest competition providers in the UK and set themselves apart by offering critical feedback on every single submission, included in the standard entry fee. 

The winners are selected by renowned poets and editors, and those who place on our shortlists are published in the poetry collection featured in a year-end anthology. In addition to that, those who place on our shortlist will also receive an exclusive invitation to participate in the upcoming Atmos Collections, a new and experimental collaborative poetry anthology. 

The grand prize this year is £500, with £50 going to the runner up. Those on the shortlist will also receive additional feedback on their entries.

For more information

31st August 2019 1st £400

entry £12

Prole Pamphlet Competition

Prole magazine are looking for work that epitomises their values: writing that engages, challenges and entertains the reader.

Submissions should not have been published as a collection elsewhere, but individual poems within the collection may have been previously published (please acknowledge these).

The collection should be no longer than 35 pages of A5 at point 9 font size, with each poem starting on a new page.

The winner will receive £400 and 25 complimentary copies with the opportunity to buy more copies at a discount price.

31st August 2019 1st $250

entry  free

Next Echo/Cultural Weekly’s 7th Annual Jack Grapes Poetry Prize is now open for submissions. This contest is FREE to enter.
3 WINNERS will receive $250 each, plus publication. 6 FINALISTS will receive $75 each, plus publication. 

Complete rules can be found at:   submission closes -  August 31, 2019, Midnight Pacific Time

Submission form:

31st August 2019 1st £200

entry £3

All Things Moon

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, Save As Writers invite poems and stories on any aspects of humanity's relationship with the cosmos - the moon, stars and planets, astronomy or astrology, space exploration, UFOs.

See whether your imagination takes you deep into the universe or stays closer to home with a child looking at the stars.

Prizes for poetry

1st prize: The Canterbury Christ Church University Poetry Prize of £200

2nd prize: £100

3rd prize: £50

Judged by Gillian Laker

2nd September 2019 1st £1000

entry £5

Oxford Brookes International Poetry Competition

The Oxford Brookes Poetry Centre has launch its 2019 International Poetry Competition to celebrate the power of poetry across the world.

The competition is open to both new and established poets aged 18 and over from across the globe and has two categories:  

Open category (open to all poets aged 18 years and over)

English as an Additional Language (EAL) category (open to all poets aged 18 and over who write in English as an Additional Language)

The winners of each category will receive £1000 and both runners up £200. This year's judge is the internationally-acclaimed and award-winning author Jackie Kay. 




ongoing Poetry Super Highway poet of the week

Nine Muses Poetry is a webzine edited and managed by Annest Gwilym, poet and occasional short story writer. It features all forms of poetry by new, emerging and established poets, showcasing the best of contemporary poetry.

Now with a monthly challenge.

30th August 2019

“Enfield. WW2 ... Past Voices”  A Unique call out to poets! -

Let me know your active interest to submit, in the first place, so that I may follow up on progress.

A prefered closing date will be last week of August ( a little leeway if you advise me as a short rehearsal date may be required based on the poems for theatre) at:  marytduggan

You do not need to be an Enfield poet to submit an appropriate poem for this 80th anniversary of the start of the Second World War and London Borough of Enfield WW2 day long conference but they need to be on our sessions theme: “Enfield. WW2 ... Past Voices”

Regardless of invite to perform your poem in theatre all poetic contributions will be presented for publicly exhibited over the whole year at the Dugdale WW2 exhibition room which adjoins the lower foyer and well advertised !!!

The event will take place from 3.30 pm - 4.15pm. Saturday 14th September. 2019 to conclude the last 45 minutes of this day long conference where selected poems and poets will present their work in theatre at The  Dugdale.

see Museum of Enfield

“...the Museum will host a day conference at the Dugdale Centre to bring together local historians, actors, poets and museum staff to showcase the history and impact of WWII in Enfield.”

Funny or sad... Explore the impact of this war and the past voices of Enfield and from Enfielders’ :

E.g. Industry and war ( The Enfield Armaments e.g) - Domestic voices - Activities ( Home front?) - The protection from war ( Black outs - Bunkers - sounds - anxiety etc and the many Enfield ‘bunkers’ still around)

Food. Rationing. Household. Evacuee and death in Enfield due to war. Even Enfield’s conscientious objectors ! ( Quakers etc). Try to use real sources with a welcome by Enfield archivists to attend their offices at the Dugdale. (Available by appointment, upstairs at the Dugdale Centre)  HTTPS://WWW.DUGDALECENTRE.CO.UK/FIND-US/ 

15th September 2019  Anthology of climate crisis poems
max. 40 lines inc. contributors receive 1 free copy





Poetry Kit Online Poetry Courses

Our students have won or been commended in many poetry competitions including the UK National Poetry Competition, 

have  published collections of poetry, been published in anthologies and magazines, in print and online.  They have appeared on Radio and TV

performed their poetry in schools and libraries. 


New courses start the second and fourth Monday of each month

You need nothing more than an interest in improving as a poet and email or internet access.


Poetry Foundation Course


A course suitable for those looking for an introduction to writing poetry.

The Foundation Course is an introduction to writing poetry.  If want to write and start to understand poetry and to develop the basic skills to help express yourself, then this is for you.  You will learn how poetry can help  you to see things in a different way and gain confidence in writing about them.


More Details For This Course






Poetry Course - Part 1


A course in reading and writing poetry.  For the poets who want to develop their skills.

If you have been writing poetry and feel you want to take it further, then this course will help you to improve and show you new skills and how to get the best from your writing. Learn more about poetic devices, structure, editing and form.  We also look at markets for your poetry and getting published.

More Details For This Course






Poetry Course - Part 2 


A course in advanced writing skills.  To help a skilled poet improve further.


You may have been writing for a while, been published, won competitions, feel you have had some success,  This course with exercises designed to help you recognise your style and voice, will help you to maximise the potential

More Details For This Course






A one to one mentoring service offering detailed support and writing exercises.

One to one mentoring. Ideas are discussed and foundations for poems developed with assistance and critique in working through drafts to completed poems. This is a mentoring experience and will work with strengths and identify weaknesses in writing style, all content will be chosen to meet the needs of the student.


More Details For This Course






A personal critique service.

This is an individual critique service available from Jim Bennett, allowing those using the service to send 10 poems and have them individually critiqued by Jim who is an internationally known, prize-winning poet.  By sending poems over a period of time the participant can use the service to develop their skills and to get feedback on their progress.



More Details For This Course





The Poetry of Bob Dylan


Exploring the lyrics and poetry of Bob Dylan.


We will looking at examples of his writing from periods throughout his career and examining how he uses words to shape the environment of the song.  Dylan regularly broke the rules of lyrical writing and in doing so created a body of work that rewards exploration with techniques and possibilities.




More Details For This Course







Poetry Kit runs a full range of interesting and challenging courses.  In addition to those listed above there are other

courses including  Script writing and The Poetry of Bob Dylan. 

For a more complete listing of courses and availability please see





PLEASE NOTE Poetry Kit does not accept paid advertising or exchange links.  All listed services are listed because we believe they

offer a good reliable service.  There is no charge made or expected for listing at Poetry Kit.



Poetry Kit on-line courses and critique service. For details see





~Good Poems Made Better~

Send 4-book poet Dan Masterson a one-page poem of your own making, and he'll comment on it free of charge. Thereafter you may continue working with him on a fee basis if you wish

 (and receive a $10 discount for those receiving this mail).

See details at  and read his first two books online at



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