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 March 2021



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Submitting information to The Poetry Kit

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There is a full listing of regularly held events and festivals from around the world at the Poetry kit website.-


Regular Open Mic Events in the UK

Due to the Corona virus all face to face poetry events are postponed until further notice.


Online events






15th March 2021 1st £200

entry £5

The Brian Dempsey Memorial Prize consists of two competitions:

1. The Short Collection Prize – for entries of 10 poems (Open to UK entries only)
The winner in this category will be offered publication of a short collection of their poems and 70 copies of the book.

2. The Single Poem category — All entries eligible after the Short Collection prizewinner has been selected (Open internationally)
Three cash prizes for individual poems: £200; £100 and £50.

All long-listed poems are published in an anthology and a free copy will be sent to every poet included in the book.

Judge: Callum James

For more details see

15th March 2021 1st £300

entry £4

Cheltenham Poetry Festival Single Poem Prize

The Cheltenham Poetry Festival 2021 single poem competition is for entries of up to 70 lines on the theme of Transformation.

Prizes: First prize - £300  second prize - £100  Third prize - £50
Winners will be published in the Wildfire Words ezine.

Fiona Sampson - lead judge
Anna Saunders - triage judge

See  Single-poem contest 2021 (

30th March 2021 1st $2000

entry $5

Rhina Espaillat Poetry Award.

  *   Deadline: 30 March, 2021

  *   Top prize: $2,000 USD and publication of winning poem in Plough Quarterly

  *   Announcing winners: Summer 2021

  *   Entry fee: $5.00 USD/poem (maximum of 3 poems per contestant), free entry for subscribers of Plough Quarterly magazine

 For further details see

31 March 2021 1st €1,000

entry €14
The Caterpillar Poetry Prize is for an unpublished poem written by an adult for children (aged 7-11). 1st prize is €1,000 plus publication in The Caterpillar
There is an entry fee of €14 per poem. This year’s judge is Michael Morpurgo. See for details.
31st March 2021 1st Publication

entry £25

The Hedgehog Poetry Press's second ‘A Slim Volume of One’s Own’ competition is asking poets – experienced or new – to present them with a selection of their work with a single focus. And by that, it doesn’t need to be a theme, it could as easily represent a Summer’s work or a passage in the poet's life that is the beginning or end of things that they have captured in verse.

Entries of up to 20 poems, of a maximum of up to 40 lines each, are welcome from participants of all ages.

Prize:   Each winner will be published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press and receive 100 copies of their collection.

Judge: Mark Davidson, Editor of The Hedgehog Poetry Press.

See  “A Slim Volume of One’s Own – Deux” A Poetry Pamphlet Competition

31st March 2021 1st  Publication

entry £25

The Hedgehog Poetry Press's Third Annual Selected or Neglected Poems Competition aims to find a collection, that they will publish, that showcases the best of a poet’s career to date. This may be the traditional ‘Greatest Hits’ of a selected where the poet has had a number of collections already, or it may be drawn from a career of magazine or anthology publications that for whatever reason hasn’t culminated yet in a full collection.

Up to 40 poems can be submitted for consideration. The final book will be between 60 and 80 printed pages. The collection can be of a variety of poems or follow a single theme.

The winner will be published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press and receive 100 copies of their collection.

Mark Davidson, Editor of The Hedgehog Poetry Press.

31st March 2021 1st £1000

entry £5

The Plough Prize is an international open competition organised by The Plough Arts Centre in Great Torrington, North Devon. It is open for unpublished poems on any subject, up to 40 lines in length. The first prize is £1,000 (plus feedback from Roger McGough). The entry fee is £5 per poem for online entry, £6 per poem for postal entry. The deadline for entries is 31 March.

For more details see

31st March 2021 1st £100

entry  £3

The Red Shed Open Poetry Competition is open for poems of 50 lines or less.

1st Prize - £100
2nd Prize - £50
Shortlisted poems - £10
Wakefield postcode prize - £25

Emma Purshouse

For more information see

 1st April 2021  1st $2000

entry free

Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest (no fee)

Deadline: April 1, 2021

20th year. Top prize: $2,000. Total prizes: $3,500. Sponsored by Winning Writers, co-sponsored by Duotrope, and recommended by Reedsy. Winning entries published online. Submit one humor poem online, up to 250 lines long. Both published and unpublished work accepted. Final judge: Jendi Reiter. Enter for free at

1st April 2021 1st £10,000

entry free

The Alpine Fellowship Writing Prize 2021

Awarded for the best piece of writing on the theme of the Alpine Fellowship 2021 - Untamed: On Wilderness and Civilization.

1st Prize - £10,000
2nd Prize - £3,000
3rd Prize - £2,000
The winner and two runners up are invited to attend the Fjällnäs symposium.

Judge: - John Burnside

See Writing Prize — The Alpine Fellowship

3rd April 2021 1st £50

entry £5

Fosseway Writers Poetry Competition 2021

Annual poetry competition, this year the theme is "Promise”.
Poems up to 40 lines.

Top prize £50
Second prize £30
Third prize £20

Judge: Martin Grey, who last year published the poetry collection, 'The Prettyboys of Gangster Town'.







We are inviting contributions from poets around the world for our online anthology for poems that are written during lockdown these do not need to engage with the pandemic but must be written during this time.  See

Please send 1 poem per submission, include a short 3rd person literary biography, your location and the date the poem was completed.

send it to   

31st March 2021

Pulsar Poetry Magazine/Webzine is in it's 27th year of existence. The last printed edition was published in September 2009. We update the Pulsar web with new poems, and book reviews, on a quarterly basis. Poem submissions by email to UK only snail mail submissions considered, with a stamped address return envelope included, (no SAE = no reply). Editorial address, (new address from August 2020), is 90 Beechwood Drive, Camelford, Cornwall, PL32 9NB. Submission guidelines: please send no more than three unpublished poems via email, (submitted poems should not be part of a simultaneous submission to numerous publishers). There is no payment for published poems. Poets retain copyright of their poems. Prefer hard-hitting poems, see the FAQ page of www.pulsar Editor/founder: David Pike.





Poetry Kit Online Poetry Courses

Our students have won or been commended in many poetry competitions including the UK National Poetry Competition, 

have  published collections of poetry, been published in anthologies and magazines, in print and online.  They have appeared on Radio and TV

performed their poetry in schools and libraries. 


New courses start the second and fourth Monday of each month

You need nothing more than an interest in improving as a poet and email or internet access.



Poetry Kit’s online short courses are over three weeks and a place can be booked by paying the fee using the PayPal link below the required course. 


Poetry and Music – 7th – 28th March 2021

This course looks at the interaction between poetry and music, how music can inspire poetry and the use of poetry as lyric.  The musical properties of poetry, rhythm and line choices, and new ways to use sonic devices in poetry.  We will be looking for many opportunities to develop these ideas into poems. Full feedback and help will be given during the course. The course will be conducted online over three weeks, at a cost of £30 –


Poetry and the Natural world - 7th – 28th March 2021

This is a short online course for poets who want to look at the ways to engage with the natural world, and look at the impact of human activities on the world around us.  On this course we will move from the romantic view of nature to the urban landscape and to the impact of human activity. We will be looking at and writing poetry relevant to our changing world.  The course will be conducted online over three weeks, at a cost of £30 –


Writing Poetry for Children          7th – 28th March 2021

This is a short online course for poets who would like to write poetry for children. On this workshop course we will look at what works in poetry for children and what does not.  Language and imagery, metaphor and how children see the world.  Holding a young person’s interest and storytelling through poetry. The course will be conducted online over three weeks, at a cost of £30 –


Writing in traditional forms – 5th -26th April 2021

This three week course looks at new modern ways to use traditional forms.  These forms can be ways for poets to grow the tools available and to find new ways to say what they want.  These forms can produce memorable and exciting ways to explore modern topics.  This is a challenging course that asks poets to look at some traditional forms in new ways. The course will be conducted online over three weeks, at a cost of £30 –


Poetry Workshop – – 5th -26th April 2021

This three week course looks at new ways to find subjects, write, edit and publish poems.  This is a challenging course that asks poets to look at these issues in a new way. Ideal for those wanting to write more and to have more tools available. The course will be conducted online over three weeks, at a cost of £30 –


Poetry in times of change – 5th -26th April 2021

This is a short online course for poets who want to look at the way their poetry can stay relevant in changing times.  We will be looking at relevance, authenticity and voice as cornerstones for producing poems that engage with change. We will look at personal, scientific and imagined responses.   The course will be conducted online over three weeks, at a cost of £30 -


SPECIAL OFFER - Book any two of the above courses for £50 using the link below, and then please write to us at to let us know which two courses you would like.



Poetry Foundation Course


A course suitable for those looking for an introduction to writing poetry.

The Foundation Course is an introduction to writing poetry.  If want to write and start to understand poetry and to develop the basic skills to help express yourself, then this is for you.  You will learn how poetry can help  you to see things in a different way and gain confidence in writing about them.


More Details For This Course






Poetry Course - Part 1


A course in reading and writing poetry.  For the poets who want to develop their skills.

If you have been writing poetry and feel you want to take it further, then this course will help you to improve and show you new skills and how to get the best from your writing. Learn more about poetic devices, structure, editing and form.  We also look at markets for your poetry and getting published.

More Details For This Course






Poetry Course - Part 2 


A course in advanced writing skills.  To help a skilled poet improve further.


You may have been writing for a while, been published, won competitions, feel you have had some success,  This course with exercises designed to help you recognise your style and voice, will help you to maximise the potential

More Details For This Course






A one to one mentoring service offering detailed support and writing exercises.

One to one mentoring. Ideas are discussed and foundations for poems developed with assistance and critique in working through drafts to completed poems. This is a mentoring experience and will work with strengths and identify weaknesses in writing style, all content will be chosen to meet the needs of the student.


More Details For This Course






A personal critique service.

This is an individual critique service available from Jim Bennett, allowing those using the service to send 10 poems and have them individually critiqued by Jim who is an internationally known, prize-winning poet.  By sending poems over a period of time the participant can use the service to develop their skills and to get feedback on their progress.



More Details For This Course





The Poetry of Bob Dylan


Exploring the lyrics and poetry of Bob Dylan.


We will looking at examples of his writing from periods throughout his career and examining how he uses words to shape the environment of the song.  Dylan regularly broke the rules of lyrical writing and in doing so created a body of work that rewards exploration with techniques and possibilities.




More Details For This Course







Poetry Kit runs a full range of interesting and challenging courses.  In addition to those listed above there are other

courses including  Script writing and The Poetry of Bob Dylan. 

For a more complete listing of courses and availability please see





PLEASE NOTE Poetry Kit does not accept paid advertising or exchange links.  All listed services are listed because we believe they

offer a good reliable service.  There is no charge made or expected for listing at Poetry Kit.



Poetry Kit on-line courses and critique service. For details see





~Good Poems Made Better~

Send 4-book poet Dan Masterson a one-page poem of your own making, and he'll comment on it free of charge. Thereafter you may continue working with him on a fee basis if you wish

 (and receive a $10 discount for those receiving this mail).

See details at  and read his first two books online at



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