understatement - See meiosis, litotes.



vehicle - See metaphor, tenor.

vers de societé - (VAIR DUH sos-yay-TAY) See society verse.

verse - A piece of writing arranged into lines which have a metrical pattern, more or less synonymous with poetry. (See also poetry, metre)

verse paragraph - A group of lines which may differ in lengths from others.

verset - A short religious verse.

versicle - A short religious verse which has a response from the congregation. (See also verset)

versification - Writing poetry. Also used to distinguish verse which results from an attempt to write poetry from a prose source.

versifier - A derogatory term for a writer of verse. (See also bard, metrist, poet, sonneteer, wordsmith, poetaster, poeticule, rhymester)

vers libre - (VAIR LEEB-ruh) Free verse. Verse without a set form. (See also free verse)

villanelle - A fixed form with only two rhymes in five three-line stanzas, followed by a quatrain: aba, abA1, abA2, abA1, abA2, abA1A2 (the superscripts indicating refrains from line one - 1 - and line two – 2). Line one of stanza one is repeated as line 3 of stanzas 2, 4 and 6; line 3 of stanza one is repeated as line 3 in stanzas 3 and 5 as well as line 4 of stanza 6.

virelay - A fixed form with alternating long and short lines of verse, with the rhyme scheme abab, bcbc, cdcd, dada .

visual poetry - Lines of poetry arranged in a way which exposes a visual aspect of the poem as in Herbert’s Easter Wings, the verse of which when laid out as intended forms the shape of wings. (See also concrete poetry, pattern poetry)

voice - See persona

vowel rhyme - See assonance