well-versed - A colloquialism indicating that someone has a sound knowledge of a subject.

whimsy - A fantastic aspect to a creation of a somewhat overblown, flowery nature.

wordsmith - A cliché for writer. (See also bard, metrist, poet, versifier)

wrenched accent - A change in the normal and expected accent in a word in order to make it fit into a metrical pattern. Used mainly in traditional songs. Gerald Manley Hopkins indicates that he is using it by means of an acute accent, e.g. "Hold them cheap / May who ne’re hung thére."



zeugma - (ZYOOG-muh) A word used in the same grammatical relationship to two other words and usually applying them in different senses as in "Simultaneously I closed the door and the argument." (See also syllepsis, ellipsis, hendiadys, prolepsis)