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All of the contributors to this edition of Transparent Words are invited to submit a short literary bio.



Gary Blankenship


is a retired manager who dabbles in poetry and publishing. He is CEO of Santiam Publishing and publishes the online journals, MindFire Renewed and FireWeed, both at Gary has been published on the web and in a variety of paper publications, including in the Tanka Journal of Japan 2005 anthology, The Tanka Society of America newsletter, and the Seattle PI.

His volume of Chinese-style poetry, River Transformed, is available at



Waiata Dawn Davies


Waiata Dawn Davies, 82 years old,  lives in a village of enthusiastic anglers at the mouth of the Waitaki River, South Island, New Zealand.



Sally Evans


Sally Evans lives in Callander, Scotland. She edits Poetry Scotland, writes and publishes her own poetry and she has enjoyed reading Whitman for this project.   -



Alice Folkart


I'm co-director with Gary Blankenship of the Internet poetry site Perfect Day for Poetry (aka: House of 30).  In addition to writing a daily poem for the poetry site, I'm  revising my first novel, writing short stories, and participating in an Internet writing workshop.  My work has been seen in a number of electronic literary journals.



Sally James

I have been writing poetry on and off since a child. I have an MA in Creative writing from Bolton University and have had my poems published in various anthologies, small press magazines and read on local radio.

I write in Standard English and Lancashire Dialect and belong to a poetry and music group. 

I also enjoy writing  poetry for children. I have seventeen grandchildren (at the last count) so try them out on them first. 

Lois P. Jones


Lois P. Jones was born in Chicago, Illinois and currently lives in Glendale, California. Her poetry has been published in state quarterlies, anthologies, ezines and internationally in Argentina’s Los Andes and in Japan's Kyoto Journal where she is a Contributing Editor. She is co-editor of A Chaos of Angels and the founder of Word Walker Press. In 2006 she co-wrote The Miracle of Mendoza, a three-part series documenting Argentina’s wine industry. Lois has workshopped under Mark Doty, Matthew Sweeney, Paul Muldoon and others at the annual San Miguel Poetry Week in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. You can find her as co-host at Moonday’s monthly poetry reading in Pacific Palisades, California and hear her poetry in recent and upcoming interviews on Poet’s Cafe, a Pacifica Radio broadcast in Southern California.


Catherine Kanaan


Catherine Kanaan is an American who lives between England and France.  She divides her her time between poetry, music, gardening and  Maurice, not to mention three children and two grandkids.


Nancy Williams Lazar


lives in the foothills of the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. She worked for two years as a freelance reporter for the Allentown Morning Call after retiring from her furniture manufacturing business of 20 years. She is back to her first love- poetry and taking the time to explore. Her poems have appeared Amaze; the Cinquain Journal, The Loch Raven Review, and Mindfire: War and Peace special issue.



Brenda Morisse


lives in the Bronx.  She workshops her poetry at the
Wild Poetry Forum. com. She has been a featured poet at venues across
New York City.


Mick Moss


Mick Moss is a muddled mess, but tries.



Stuart Nunn


Stuart Nunn is a retired lecturer living in South Gloucestershire, UK.



Sherry O'Keefe


Sherry O'Keefe is a mother of two whose grandfather is the grandson of a Montana pioneer.  Her short story, Wheatfields, was short listed in Glimmer Train in 2006 and her poetry will appear in Hobble Creek Review in its January 2008 edition.    She can be reached at redmittengirl at yahoo dot com, where she has trained her Australian Cattle Dog to deal with any rejection notices.


Sherry Pasquarello


Sherry is a 55 year old poet from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.


I've been published in, the Individualist Newsletter, Black Roses, online at, the Amateur Poetry Journal, Alchemy lit. mag, the Writer's Hood and Caught In The Net. a member of the international PK poetry kit list workshop and has been included in the anthology project, dec. 2004 and in national poetry day projects,recently in, Four Volts. UK. and the Picolata review. a list administrator for the PK list.featured poet PK June#20.

I have been writing since the 60's and enjoy many different styles of poetry. i also am an artisan worker in concrete.



Terrie Leigh Relf


lives in Ocean Beach, in San Diego, CA. Currently, she  wears a variety of hats at Sam's Dot Publishing, and is the poetry editor  for Tales from the Moonlit Path.



Jonathan Shaw


lives in Sydney. After a long professional life as an editor, he is trying out life on the other end of the blue pencil.


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