Transparent Words - Poetry


Of Leaves and Songs – Walt and Me

An introduction





He began –


I celebrate myself,

and I assume you shall assume,


When his Song met the world,

he was old enough to have experienced

lands and people from the Eastern surf

to the raw, unpolished edge of the West,

to know what he did not know


When his Song was first ink,

he was young enough to be sure

his knowledge was expansive

enough to cover all that was known

in America and by its inhabitants.


I began my Song to his Song,

old enough to know less

than I once knew, to have forgotten

much that was important

trivia retained too easily for comfort.


When I finish my Song,

I will have forgotten more,

perhaps to pay the lights and phone,

where I left my keys,

to lock the house and feed the dog.


But I will remember the folks

in his Song and the twist

of time and place I put them in.




After much ink

and many hours, lines and dreams,

he finished

missing me one place search another,

I stop somewhere waiting for you.


to begin again in another Song


Come closer to me,

Push close my lovers and take the best I  possess,*


After many electrons,

fits and starts,

hours, lines and thought,

I will begin another

until there is no time and life

and I begin a search

I do not believe will occur.


* From Song for Occupations


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