Transparent Words - Poetry

 Sally Evans


Settler Scottish of a Song
A two-process poem: first I copied Whitman's style, then I reversed the words line by line.
Hailstorm the in lament a plays piper the
roof the off climbs slater the
light northern the at gape roadsweepers the tent their in gather pickers raspberry the
malt the for round looks attendant bar the
group a in Gaelic speak girls the sunrooms add-on their in pelargoniums place crofters the
house his in hat peaked his for looks bailiff water the glens the up rev drivers early experienced, dawn the in riverside
the round sneaks fisher pearl the
pins for hunts flunkey the floor castle the on coat and dress a of pattern the spreads seamstress the
bookshop the in natters minister the lips their purse ladies golfing the tourists their from hide guides tour the
ante room the in violins compare musicians, bus a for waits poet city the
date of out is week last saying, head her shakes editor the,
past their for vote to shuffle men old the hall the of out spill volunteers the
phone mobile the down photograph her sends warden wildlife the
night sunlit the in hotels town small in supper for time in threes and twos in peaks the from down drift baggers Munro the
waterfall the round splash jumpers bungee the shack seafood the of door the opens pulls chef the
squall drunken the of jokes ferryman grounded the loch smooth the round wives their with mull boatmen the
Afghanistan from home back comes son Laird's the
class the of out pour children tall the
grins happy with headgear wild their in ground the on converge fans football the
house tree their in sit protesters the
tea of mug his drink to stone a on sits gardener the, off boots their with television watch truckers the
flood the at stare councillors the pilferer the curses roundly auctioneer the
shoots snowdrop the for looks walker winter the.

The Postcard

That looks like Whitman, I say,
stepping over a postcard on the carpet
as I am tidying up a paper sprawl.
I wonder where it came from, a man
in an open neck shirt and wide-brimmed hat,
brown line engraving on a shiny surface.
I pick up the postcard and turn it over.
Walt Whitman series it is - number 3,
Walt Whitman in a carpenter's garb
used in the first edition of Leaves of Grass.
Walt Whitman working at being a poet,
anxious to absorb and take in his countrymen,
striving to define the people of his country,
Walt Whitman not realising
how much he wanted of words.
But words won't explain everything.
Why was that postcard lying on my floor?


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