Transparent Words - Poetry

Stuart Nunn

Searching for America
This man goes searching for America. He finds it
everywhere he looks. Sitting at his computer,
the continent streams behind his eyes.
Nothing you can think of isn’t there, waiting
to happen, to be discovered. For everyone
there’s a fresh America. This is mine.
Official America, humanity saved for out of hours,
who thinks she’s still on Ellis Island, doesn’t care
how long your journey, how ambiguous
the instructions on the card, who thinks
you must do penance before acceptance,
before she lets you in to her Promised Land.
Emerging from the gate, the other America,
the one you met, once, half a world away,
her eyes shining as though all her life
has been a preparation for this moment.
America enfolds you in her welcome,
feeds you love till you want to burst.
Anyone who searches for America will find it,
the one they’ve carried with them from the start.
Nihil americanum a me alienum puto.




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