Transparent Words - Bios


All of the contributors to this edition of Transparent Words are invited to submit a short literary bio.



Tina Cole - Is an education consultant who lives in Bucks.  She has been ‘trying’ to write poetry for about five years now but finds that poems seem to ‘arrive’ to their own erratic timetable rather like buses.. She belongs to a small group of writers called The Poetic Biscuits whose aim is to be published as often as possible. Previous publications for her include; Mslexia, Aesthetica, Red Ink and Decanto Magazine.

Dorrie Johnson - enjoys reading poetry and has but only within the last few years has she started to work seriously at the craft of making a poem. She enjoys manipulating words and finds the practice of constructing poetry stimulating and satisfying. She hopes that she is developing a critical eye.

Claire Seaman - Claire is an Edinburgh academic and mother of two teenage boys who dabbles in poetry and a variety of other forms of writing!

Jonathan Shaw  - is an emerging poet in his early 60s, living in Sydney.

Elaine Walker   -  writing involves a lot of time wandering around the garden of her moorland home in North Wales. To prove how productive this is, she has a piece in the new Honno anthology on women and the Welsh landscape, In Her Element, called 'A Crow's Playground on Mynydd Hiraethog'.  Her first non-fiction book, Horse, is forthcoming from Reaktion Books in the autumn.


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