Transparent Words - Poetry


3 poems by Annie Bassey




being there


it wasn’t about

pouring rain

nor solemn heads

nodding under

dark umbrellas

nor why only

two candles

lit the church

it was all about

you being there

in that darkness

in that eerie glow

as our voices soared





a february morning


thin line of smoke

rises from the farmhouse

terracotta tiles & red bricked walls

held together by

ancient beams

thick cushions of moss

cover the heavy slate roof

where sparrows twitter insistently

in the morning


mist gently rises

as frost hugs onto shadows

across the fields

silhouetted sheep

graze on the hill

catkins dangle like worms

from bare branches

where a blackbird heralds

the morning


moments captured

in a glance

a scene from a

hundred winters passed

on this landscape

in the morning




life on lowrys canvas


salford smog

saturates the frame

of terraced houses


distant in their rows

ghostly figures watch 

the fever vans collection


half unreal they stand

ephemeral in a way


all community drawn

into the suffering

of someone elses pain


a love-hate intimacy 




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