Transparent Words - Poetry



5 poems by David Swan





    From the ashes rose


    A phoenix of pure sunlight.

    Its vast wings of antiquity,

    Like a mother’s arms shielding

    Its newborn

    from an imperialist Sun.

    It’s feathered voice

    soars across

    Violet tinged skies.

    Songs sung by fallen angels

    of hidden fruits.

    Hopes on one day returning

    On wings borrowed

    from Africans Sorrow.


  • She


    Hear her coming,

    making sounds,

    a thousand horses running.

    a colour of blackness

    Like bedtime.


    Carries a sword,

    A thousand feet in length,

    traces of actions

    on its bloodied handle.

    She has no hair,

    And skin

    Barely covers her bones.

    Run fast, Run fast,

    But she runs faster.

    Fed  by fear and desire.

    She screams songs

    From the depths of hell.


    Soon she catch me

    Carry me on her sword

    But for now

    just keep running.


  • ridiculous relativity


    the quarks sat there simply refusing too move
    while protons and neutrons could no longer groove
    and scientists sat there observing with muse
    that the energies inertia simply refused



  • I AM


    I AM small but can be tall.

    I AM fat, thin, black, white, funny and sad.

    I AM the sun rising early in the morning

    I AM the night.

    I AM the love your mother gave you

    I AM the hate that made you fight.

    I AM the sex that makes love to you sweet and light.

    I AM the anger, a seed hidden deep within you

    I AM the fear that makes you fight

    I AM thunder.

    I AM a rainy day.

    I AM a sunray.

    I AM the holocaust, a reminder of your darkness.

    I AM atom bomb.

    I AM hope in the distance bringing you into the light

    I AM god, but the devil too.

    I AM the universe and beyond.

    I AM out there but in here, waiting.

    I AM all.

    I AM everything, but most importantly.

    I AM ..............



    Bending the complexity of a singularity


    Bending the complexity of a singularity

    Is very simple don’t you see

    Take a handful of space.

    And split time with 1, 2, 3,


    Place your hand on the edges of the universe

    And with some water add a dash

    Bend the curves without a nervous twitch

    And don’t forget to catch the flash


    View the flash under a microscope

    And with a knife slice through the middle

    And you’ll see right in the heart of it

    A singularity playing the fiddle.


    If your patient why not wait a while

    For this wonderous song to end

    And ask the singularity

    If he wouldn’t mind giving us a bend.



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