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All of the contributors to this edition of Transparent Words are invited to submit a short literary bio.


About the Poets


James Bell

James is a long time member of the PK poetry forum. A Scot by birth who lives and work in Devon. His chapbook "the just vanished place" appeared from tall-lighthouse in 2008 and a full collection will appear in 2010 from the same publisher entitled "fishing for beginners".



Jim Bennett

Jim Bennett lives near Liverpool in the UK and is the managing editor of His most recent publication is a poetry collection called
"The Man Who Tried To Hug Clouds" Bluechrome Publishing 2004 (2nd edition 2005). Jim teaches Creative Writing at the University of Liverpool and tours
throughout the year giving readings and performances of his work.


Lesley Burt

I have lived in Christchurch, Dorset all my life (except for a few years in Germany when my ex-husband was in the army). I have qualifications in teaching and social work. My social work career was mainly with adults who have learning disabilities, and then in social work education, initially within statutory social work agencies and finally as a senior lecturer in social work at Southampton Solent University. I retired in January 2009. My poetry has been published in various poetry magazines and online. I am currently and planning a local poetry project 2009-10.



Sally James

I write in Standard English and Lancashire Dialect and have been published in small press magazines, anthologies and e-line magazines and have also read on local radio. I recently was runner up in the Leaf book poetry competition and the title of the poem "Dancing with Delsie" was used as the title for the anthology. I have an M.A. in Creative Writing from Bolton University. At the moment I am collating a collection of poems about mining. I write poetry for children and have had four children many grandchildren and recently two great grandbabies. I also have two dogs.



Dorrie Johnson

Dorrie lives in Warwickshire with her partner and a dog. She has received pleasure from reading poetry since childhood and writing it then followed. She is a keen amateur photographer and enjoys exploring the relationship between visual and verbal images.



Bryan Murphy

Bryan Murphy is a translator who lives in Turin, Italy. In the past, his fixation with living in interesting places in interesting times has taken him to Angola, Bulgaria, China, Hong Kong, Portugal and Thailand. He writes speculative fiction as well as poetry. He recently joined the Turin Theatre Company, who immediately typecast him as a villain.



Stuart Nunn 

Stuart Nunn lives in South Gloucestershire. He belongs to the Cherington Poets group and also to the Cheltenham Poetry Society. He is an official starter for athletics matches and is listening to Anne Evans singing Wagner as he types this..



Tammara Or Slilat

Tammara Or Slilat is a poet, painter and English teacher who lives in the small village of Arbel, overlooking the Sea of Galilee in Israel. She has published two books of poems in Hebrew and her poems have been published in many literary magazines and e-zines. She was awarded the Jordan Valley Creativity award in 2004 and is currently studying for her MA in English Literature and Creative Writing in Bar Ilan University, near Tel Aviv.  


Mandy Pannett

Mandy Pannett has lived in Kent, Wales, London and Sussex where she has spent several years teaching English to pupils with a wide range of abilities including special needs. She also leads creative writing workshops for children and adults in various parts of the country and enjoys taking part in poetry readings of her own and other poets’ work. She runs an Arts Cafe in East Sussex and is involved in working with local writing groups, advising on and leading many sessions on poetry appreciation and writing. Her first collection of poems Boy’s Story was issued on CD with original music between some of the poems. Two further collections of her poetry – Bee Purple and Frost Hollow – have been published by Oversteps Books. She is currently taking part in a Poetry Kit master class and working on a new collection. Further examples of her work may be seen on  and



Barbara Phillips

Barbara Phillips is the author of:- Tympanic Mysteries: Love Is A Tympanic Mystery, Shadows In The Echoes, Confessions Of A Sybaritic Puritan, Blue Sails Haiku & Not,

and Gold Fish Sings Cherry Blossom Songs. Her work has been published as well in various

print and electronic publications, such as Transparent Words, Caught In The Net,

Ygdrasil  A Journal of The Poetic Arts, Poemata, Verse Afire,  Quills Canadian

Poetry  Magazine, Canadian Writer’s Journal, Poetry Canada Magazine, Malleable Jangle, Hammered Out, Bywords Quarterly Journal, Zimmerzine,  Poetry Super  Highway, Writer’s Hood, and Ottaw Arts Review. Her work has appeared in

anthologies such as Oval Victory: The Best of Canadian Poetry, A Time Of Trial: Beyond The Terror of 9/11, No Love Lost, EOA And West: London Poems Part ll , Seeds6: An Anthology of Poetry, and Handprints On The Future. She has been a featured

poet and was a recipient of the Ted Plantos Memorial Seed Money Fund.



Michelle V. Pozar

A retired counselor grew up in a mill town at the base of the Cascade Mountains in Oregon’s South Willamette Valley. Between her love of human nature and its expression, she continuously seeks to delve deeper into life’s anomalies. Publications in recent years include her flash fiction piece; “Twisted” in The Rose & Thorn literary ezine in their Autumn 2006 issue. Two of her poems are included in the Poetry Kit’s National Poetry Day Anthology "piece WORK” published in 2008. The Washington Poets Association published several of her poems in 2008 and 2009.



Tim Stone

I have been writing poetry for approximately ten years, although it tends to come second to family life. For a period of time I was quite regularly performing at open mic. sessions in Liverpool, but now tend to stick mainly to writing and sitting at my computer screen.



David Swan

A lifetime of various jobs from RAF Policeman, amateur actor, IT Geek with personal interests in seeking things of a spiritual nature leading to Zen and Tibetan Buddhism. Started Poetry after a trip through the Sahara Desert and have been writing on and off for a few years. Now in Amsterdam and hopefully maturing as an Individual and as a Poet seeking some constructive criticism for my work. I love my Daughter Emily..



Grant van Wingerden

I was born in the outback of Western Australia but never have written a bush ballad. I use a combination of conventional poetic forms like rhyme and alliteration, and combine that with meaning that shifts with each new line. Mainly I work from titles.



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