Transparent Words - Poetry



6 Poems by Barbara Phillips





   Balloon                         the boomerang echo

  Observations                sends waves of agitation

  Of                                 through primordial plasma

 Millimetric                   in a universe that keeps

Extragalactic               puzzles in child proof bottle


And                             cosmology of the universe is

Geophysics                 flat, modern revelation

                                   deja vue, keeps pace

                                   with past history

                                   resists gravitational pulls

                                   towards millennial headlong falls

                                  into tunnels with no exit


                                 the question is cactus-fine thorn

                                 in theories that collide

                                become big bangs

                               expel rushes of super novas

                               soon spent in afterburns

                               minds whip into orbits consume

                              themselves in comets of speculation

                             drag race through infinite space





circles of deception



you are not mine to have

but there is no mystery

in your green smouldering eyes smoulder


I feel heat rising

when your voice breaks as you

tell me about your heart condition


pills your doctor gave you leave

you powerless as Eve’s snake

after the punishment and banishment


we walk away from each other

ensnared in circles of deceptions

shackled by tortuous needfulness




fireflies punctuating


when you speak
your hands create

 they pass through concrete spaces
around things smooth, complete
plates and cups familiar, functional
for nourishment plainly understood

in sunlit air your fingers shape

runes among ruins long lost

I lose myself navigating pauses

among voice prints while your


hands leave messages brief as those left by fireflies

punctuating night-deep moonless skies




Jerusalem lost


you demand nothing

but in the smoke of your cigarette

appear the smears of screams


blue shards lean into death

above the dazzle of our silhouettes

embers of what we aim to be




what we are together


under branches of fallen oak limbs

blue- veined blossoms in breeze

woven tapestry spread to pond edges


like a satisfied lover dreaming

of more with one who breathes

warmth along the body


gives in to welcome plunders

in valleys where rivers coalesce in desires

pinned between lips that slip wordlessly


into pools where they linger

as I linger here among bare branches

where star burst kisses pull me down


into you as you are when we lie fallen

raised by what we are together

along limpid wave worn shores






Knight Of Iced Creams


ice cream melts on waffle cone

slips down to my knuckles

wraps itself around my hand

sticky sweet out of place


still letting go of itself

to cajoling moist caresses

it slides surrendering

to afternoon glows


knight of iced creams

you are rewarded

by stares of passersby

pink pantings of yorkshire terriers


as you gently clean away

goo fallen from the mound

tongue on my fingers

you rescue me




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