Transparent Words - Poetry


5 Poems by Grant van Wingerden




At the Gathering

There's no hesitation
at the first hint
 of a long libation
I tell you trade secrets
and you tan my hide
with a wry compliment
a raunchy offside

There's no brief
discourse dispersed
Dispense with the
of the occasion

I take up the story
blurt out over dinner
strategically drop
my napkin



 The whole of December

The whole of December
is hollier than thou
is decking the belles
is reckoning on festive spirit
is reckless in loving expression
is good natured for once
and only really grouchy over pudding

The whole of December
is a sale through the window
is lit up like the tree in the town square
so even little children are aware
for the whole of December.



The more I see of Morrissey

The more I see of Morrissey
The more I see his misery
His mordant seams of mystery
His madcap seat theocracy

He taps into a vein
that asks you to explain
shows you a self centred sadness
that's touching just the same

Laugh off his own misgivings
What a way to earn a living
But the scene is more forgiving
and wants him to themselves

The more I see of Morrissey
The more I see his currency
His delicate post buoyancy
Delectable mock intensity

Ward off his inner demons
Is that why beaming in
as subtle as such scheming
I make it out to be

the more I see of Morrissey



Meat Eater Beaten

Prehistory revisited
No bones about it
Both longer and larger
And two hundred tons

T rex's rep wrecked
The more we dissect

Museum's muse bemused
A whole conference

We don't so much come to truth
As peel back layers
Today's understanding
May be tomorrow's myth



A new species of man

Through no fault of our own
other than a passion for digging
unearthing old fragments
of earlier civilisation
we came across some bones
a different match of clothing

Suddenly another variation
makes us still less unique
these antecedent offshoots
don't reflect on us
  all that well

Preaching to a parish of privilege
no longer accorded sapiens sapiens
so so-so so superior

A new species of Man
only recently uncovered
confirmed as being
what scientists said it was

Diminishing our mock divinity
planing off years of dreaming
and DNA destiny








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