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About the contributors

Jim Bennett is a writer, poet and performer who is author of 38 published books. A recent book for children included a compendium of games, and is due to be translated into German and French. As well as writing he works at the University of Liverpool delivering courses in creative writing. His next project is work on a film for a major American film studio.
His most recent collection of poetry is "Drums at New Brighton" a collection of poems on the theme of place. He has been published in numerous magazines and anthologies, and is currently working on a collection of poetry about Liverpool.

Janet Buck teaches writing and literature at the college level. Her poetry and essays have appeared in Sapphire Magazine, The Oracular Tree, Medicinal Purposes, 2Rivers View, In Motion, The Beaded Strand, Conspire, The Free Cuisinart, and many other journals and e-zines world-wide.
Her first print collection of poetry, Calamity's Quilt (ISBN: 0966722841) was published by Newton's Baby Press in December 1999. The book is 90 pages, perfect bound, with cover art by Cheryl Hight Carle and a foreward by Thomas Fortenberry. Topical issues include disability, catharsis, relationships, grief, and social awareness. Calamity's Quilt will sell for $11.95 plus $3.20 shipping and handling, but there is a pre-order price of only $10.00 and no shipping charge. To pre-order, go to or write to Newton's Baby Press.

Alice Keir Casey is a sixteen year old girl living in Newcastle. She has two cats, is not married and has no children, as she feels that this would be rushing things somewhat. She hopes to be incredibly successful at something or other in the not too distant future but at present must be satisfied with taking A-levels in English Literature, History, Art, and Latin.

James Corbett's verse has appeared in various anthologies, and in 1979 his collect Gallery was published. For the past ten years he has concentrated on writing about aspects of the history of St Albans in the UK, where he lives

Sadly, James Corbett died shortly after these poems were published, on October 18th 1999 after a long fight with cancer. He continued writing to the end, and a book of his poems is planned.

Brad Evans Brad Evans was born in Sydney, 1971. Some of his latest poems, interviews, related articles and short stories have been, or will soon be, featured in the following mag's, URL's and anthologies:
Asphyxia (AUST), Cordite (AUST), Zimmerzine (UK), Slacker (UK), Manifold (UK), Insurgentz (US), The Brobdingnagian Times (EIRE), Braquemard (UK), Skald (UK), Community of Poets (UK), Roadworks (UK), Angel (UK), Papillon (UK), At Last (UK), Poezine (UK), Big Bridge (UK), Paris/Atlantic Quarterly (FR), Rising (UK), Konfluence (UK), Lexikon (UK), Borderlines (UK), ZineZone (UK), Quantum Leap (UK), Fire (UK), In Other Words (UK), Poetic Licence (UK), Living In Our World (UK), The Poetry Kit (UK), Lateral Moves (UK), Breakfast All Day (UK), Super Trouper (UK), Wonderlust (UK), Splizz (UK), Rebellious (AUST), Peace & Freedom (UK), Green Left Weekly (AUST), Five Bells (Aust), Blue Print (UK).
Brad is the founder and editor of
Red Lamp, a journal for realist, socialist and humanitarian poetry.

Katherine Gallagher is an Australian resident in London since 1979. During the 70s, she lived in Paris teaching E.F.L. Her most recent publications are Fish-Rings on Water (Forest Books. 1989), Finding the Prince (Hearing Eye,1993) and a translation of Jean-Jacques Celly's poems, The Sleepwalker with Eyes of Clay, ( Forest Books, 1994).

Anthony Lawrence's sixth book "Skinned by Light: New and Selected Poems" was published in 1998 by University of Queensland Press. His first novel "The Missing" is due out from Pan Macmillan (Picador)late in 1999. He is currently working on a new book of poems.He lives in Hobart, Tasmania.

Chris Major is 36, married with two children, and lives in Stoke-on-Trent. His poetry has been published in many UK print magazines including: Outposts, Sepia, Lexikon , Poetry Nottingham, Poetry Bradford, Candelabrum and others. his work has also been used on the web in - Limestone, Bonfire, Mindfire and Poetry

Bill Manhire's books of poetry include Sheet Music: Poems 1967-1982, Milky Way Bar (1992) and My Sunshine (1996). These last two won New Zealand's premiere poetry awards. His short fiction is collected in Songs of My Life, and he is editor of the anthologies 100 New Zealand Poems, Six by Six and, with Marion McLeod, Some Other Country.