The Poetry Kit MAGAZINE



From CITN 6 - September 2001

The Poem to End all Poems
by Jim Bennett
I set out to write the poem
to end all poems
the one that would fill minds
and the Albert Hall
with a stirring
emotional swill
that would wash away the ills of the world
and make everyone who heard it
a poem that when
read loudly by one million people
thronging Trafalgar Square
bring happiness
end famine, fascism,
racism, sexual abuse,
child abuse, slavery
end forever all oppression
a poem
that would give everyone free
access to the internet
and the ability to distinguish
between the true and the false
that would help people to see the despotic
nature of their despotic leaders
and bring world peace
a poem that would
heal the world
make it safe for all time
and create a world republic
a poem
that would rise the dead
back to life
to applaud the dexterity of the lines
the diction
the shear scale
a poem that would
create a new universe
with a single spoken line
a poem that will
bring you back to me.