The Poetry Kit MAGAZINE


From CITN 7 - October 2001

by Duane Locke

He pulled back the blanket
That once had a peacock embroidered
In green and gold in its center.
With scissors, tweezers, he had
Pulled out each thread, left
The blanket blank, except for
The holes where the threads had been
Formed shadows in their indentations.
This impurity disturbed him,
For he wanted an uniform,
Immaculate white.
The pulled back blanket
Uncovered lavender sheets.
She found pleasure in having
This color next to her body.
He never understood why she
Liked to be touched by other
Than white sheets. He always
Turned out the lights so he could pretend
The sheets were white.
He called for her to come to bed.
He had forgotten she had left years ago,
Left with a man wearing a lavender shirt.
It did not matter, for he could pretend
She was there, sleeping with him under white sheets.