The Poetry Kit MAGAZINE


CITN 10 - May 2002


City Skyline
by Barbara Phillips

the city is all lit up
skyscrapers side by side
glow like tin lanterns
warning rods on rooftops blink
red spots as jets stream overhead
the waters of the harbour slide
waves of slick vinyl shine that
lure the shore with soft slaps
against concrete walls keeping
the lake out and the city in
stacks belch ghostly gases
under cover of the night as
black as the inside of a raven's wing
the moon rides in a boat of dove grey
gauze misted through with amethyst
strands that weave watercolour
ponds under the full moon plump
as a pampered koi treading water
among reeds in a walled-in garden
and somewhere not far enough away
sirens wail and tear the air