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Two poems by Tom George


Liverpool-based Tom George is well-known on the city’s poetry scene for a wistful and witty performance style that often includes other elements such as music, drama and multi-media.


Winner of the Dead Good Poets’ Society slam in 2008, Tom has also been featured on Channel 4 television and has staged several one-man shows at Liverpool’s Unity theatre.


“Tom is a skilled and versatile polymath who impresses over several disciplines. I urge you to catch his next show” – Black and White magazine


Tom has performed throughout the UK, in Europe and Africa, while his poetry has appeared in several anthologies.


He recently produced his first collection of poems, entitled “How Now”. The book features unique illustrations by artist Ana Cade, and contains poems about rainbows, spiders and nightclubbing.



I thought you might be coming round

So bought two new cups

Nice cups

Smart cups


I thought we might sip tea from them

Or coffee

As a precursor to shagging


I don't think you'll be coming round

The cups sit there in the cupboard

Nice cups

Smart cups







I’m walking up Bold St when it starts to rain.

I wonder if I can make it to the Philharmonic before I’m soaked?

Miraculously, everyone around me produces umbrellas.

A woman is walking just ahead of me.

I wonder if she’ll let me share.

‘cos I would…I would.


Mousy lady, let me shelter with you.

I want to have dry thoughts.

Lets walk together and share our lunchtime longings.

We’re walking in parallel

Then she looks over, and I hurry on


I jog up the hill with water running down my face

Past students laughing and splashing

A young woman is holding a comedy umbrella

See-through blue,

With a shark’s fin on top


Student girl

I need your sense of fun right now

Let me join your hemispherical world

Of glitter and Pringles


Further up, I shelter in the doorway of the Fly in the Loaf

Watching the afternoon monsoon

The coursing gutter is the Ganges

Pilgrims travel from far and wide

To immerse a foot

And be purified


A milkshake lid floats by

Looking kind of sad

Reminding me of how I’ve felt these last few weeks

Feeling so adrift and hurting bad


But it’s okay

‘cos on this day

I don’t need you like I did


I just need a brolley

To help me out

When things get wetter

That’s right

That’s better