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      Julian Jordon

is a freelance writer (scripts and non-fiction) and co-founder of Write Out Loud, an organisation promoting performance poetry in the north west of England, and in Bordeaux. He has been guest poet at various venues.

Dave Morgan,

Write Out Loud's other co-founder, has been writing and performing poetry since the 1960's and has been published in a range of publications. He regularly performs or guests at poetry nights across the north of England. Dave is also an expert in Chinese cuisine, and has co-written a book on Chinese culture.

Dave and Julian run a friendly read-around poetry night every third Sunday of the month at Bolton's Howcroft pub, and regular events at Bolton's Octagon Theatre. Details:

Jim Bennett - UK

Managing editor of Poetry Kit.  Jim teaches courses in creative arts at the University of Liverpool and is widely published.

Iain Britton - New Zealand

My poetry is widely published in the UK, the USA and Australia and of course NZ and can be accessed on some reputable online journals eg Jacket, Masthead (Aust), The Drunken Boat and Slope (USA. Work
can also be accessed from the New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre, University of Auckland. Some recent poems published in the UK this year can be found in - Magma, The New Writer, Aesthetica, Orbis, Coffee House Poetry and The Reader soon.

My first collection of poems will be coming out in 2005 and will be published by Hazard Press Publishers, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Michael Eastabrook

A medievalist at heart (and by training) disappointed (though reconciled, mostly) with the modern world, particularly with the materialism and mercantilism bludgeoning life, smashing our brains into the ground, our hearts into dust. I’m still hoping to find a true and meaningful “cause” in life, other than scratching out my pale poetic murmurings like trying to write in hardened concrete. But I need to find my “cause” pretty soon before I turn to dust myself.

Dan Masterson - USA.

Dan Masterson's 4th book, All Things, Seen and Unseen, (his New & Selected) was published by The University of Arkansas Press in 1997. The founder/director of  Poetry Master (, he is the recipient of the prestigious Chancellor's Award for Teaching from The State University of New York, and was elected to membership in Pen International in 1986. His work has received two Pushcart Prizes, among other awards.

Ashok Niyogi

was born in Calcutta in 1955. He was schooled all over India in Irish Christian Brothers' Schools and graduated with Honors in Economics from Presidency College, Calcutta University. Ashok spent 30 years in the world of International Commerce,15 in East Europe and Russia and the CIS. His work has taken him all over the world and he now divides his time between California, where his two daughters live, Russia, India ( where his wife works as a senior corporate manager)and airplanes. He is currently unemployed because writing poetry is not considered gainful employment, but does have a timber plantation in Goa, India. Ashok has two books of poetry in India - 'Crossroads' and 'Reflections in the Dark' (both from A-4 Publications) and one book of poems from the USA - 'Tentatively' (iUniverse). He has been published extensively on line and in print in the USA, the UK, New Zealand, Australia and Canada in magazines and Anthologies.

Gill McEvoy

loves poetry with a passion, and besides writing it she runs a small poetry reading group from her home, and is about to run a series of 4 poetry workshops. She has had work published online with Snakeskin, Stride, Nth Postiion, Sentinel and The Surface.  She enjoys the immediacy of poetry online and wonders why more poets don't use this opportunity.

Maureen Weldon,

Irish. Lives in Chester UK. Ex ballet dancer with the Irish Theatre Ballet.
Her poems are published both sides of the Atlantic.Recent publications: Poetry Scotland, Poetry Monthly, Purple Patch, Poetry Cornwall, Never Bury Poetry, Newsletter Inago, Arizona USA. She has five chap-books.  Recent publication, To Change These Hours: published by, Kite Modern Poetry Series. Maureen enjoys giving readings, including Gateway Theatre Chester 2002, Chester Fringe Festival where recently she joined with two other poets to form Invisible Lipstick, the group have performed in N. Wales and at last year's 2004  Purple Patch Poetry Convention where they were voted 'best group.'  Recent awards include: Highly          commended by Deeside League of Friends Poetry Competition N. Wales, 2003. Winner of the North of England 2004 United Press Limited Regional Poetry Competition. Her poems are frequently read on BBC Radio Merseyside

Some contributors biographies are not available.

To contact any of the contributors please write to poetry Kit and your mail will be forwarded.

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