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    Selected Poems 1964 - 2004 - Barry Tebb

Reading Barry Tebb’s Selected Poems covering a forty year period is like accepting an invitation to walk through his life and see and share in the things that are important to him.  His poetry is vivid, expressive and entertaining and brings us a view of family, Yorkshire and particularly Leeds in a way which brings all three to life.


 I sat on a low stone wall
Watching the blue blood of the azaleas
Spatter on Haworth’s cobbles

A seamless transparency of rain
Lowering over the turning trees

At the end it is as if we have taken a walk through his memories.  From kissing cobblestones in Keighley to a poetry night of mixed memories, Barry creates each moment for us and is uncompromising in his recollections.


How I loath this land of my exile,
Concrete upon concrete,
Steel upon steel,
Glass upon glass
In massed battalions
And no way back.

The second half of the book contains the excellent Bridge Over the Aire sequence of poems. 

This is a collection you can will return too and enjoy time and again. My only criticism is in relation to the layout of the book.  As the poems in this selection cover such a long period it might have been useful to have some sort of chronology to date the poems.  For me this would have added another layer to help unravel the complex and changing patterns of thought and reaction found in these poems.

Selected Poems 1964 – 2004  Barry Tebb  Sixties Press  ISBN  0 9529994 3 9

Our Thoughts Are Bees – Mandy Coe and Jean Sprackland

A guide to writers working with schools - for teachers and writers.

At a time when schools are reconsidering how they can best spend their limited budgets this book shows how you can get the best results from the visit of a professional writer.  It gives clear help and advice for teachers and writers which if followed would enhance any school visit and help make it a productive event for the students.  This book is ideal for the writer who has limited school visit experience or for the teacher who is trying to develop a strategy which incorporates either visiting writers or writers in residence.  It will enable them to form ideas as to how this can be done successfully.  Primarily its strength is to create an expectation and what can be achieved.

An excellent and comprehensive guide which will be of great value to writers and teachers in future planning of school events and residencies.

Our Thoughts Are Bees, Writers Working with Schools – Mandy Coe and Jean Sprackland – Wordplay Press – ISBN 0 9549634 0 7


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