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Michael Tritto

My work has been published in journals throughout the US, and on-line in England, Ireland and Australia (using addresses listed in PeotryKit.) In January 2006, Sirius Satellite Radio two of my poems on their program The Naturalist's Date Book, Marion Roach, the reader.  They selected the poems that were originally published in a Utah journal named Isotope.

Louie Crew

Louie Crew, a.k.a., Quean Lutibelle, Li Min Hua, Dr. Dungo, Brother
Thorn-in-the-Flesh et al., is the author of over 1,730 poems and essays,
including four collections.  He is an emeritus professor of literature at
Rutgers:  The State University of New Jersey.  He and his husband of 32
years live in East Orange, NJ.  One arch conservative journalist in religion
has called Crew the "major sodomite in the Anglican Communion." Crew founded
Integrity, an international lesbigay group in the Anglican Communion, and he
sits on Executive Council (like the Archbishop's Council in the UK) of the
Episcopal Church in the United States.

Raud Kennedy

Raud Kennedy works as a dog trainer in Portland, Oregon.

Carolyn Edwards

It began with a rejection letter; one that was both constructive and helpful! Amongst other things, it suggested a writing class to hone my skills. This was when I started the class with Jim Bennett. My first success (I don't count a prior brush with the vanity press) is with Poetry Kit. I have to admit a preference for (relatively) short, easily accessible poems and still maintain my fondness for Phillip Larkin's work, though I am always enthusiastic about and receptive to new poets.

Ulrike Gerbig

Ulrike Gerbig lives and works in Germany as a teacher and a poet.
In her poems and her three poetry collections, "Every woman's blues" (Lapwing Publictaions, Belfast, 2004) and "Love in all the right places" (Lapwing Publications, Belfast, 2005) and "The looking glass poems" (, 2006), she tries to capture the dreams and desires, the pains and pleasures of a modern European woman.
Her poetry also appeared on several websites, in ezines, poetry magazines and in anthologies such as 'Dead Drunk Dublin', 'Dublin Quarterly', 'Pedastal Magazine', 'Electric Acorn', 'Aestethica', 'Mousseion', 'Voices', 'Poetry Superhighway', 'Photoaspects', 'Unlikely Stories', 'Zygote in my coffee', 'Poetry Kit' and the anthology 'Voices of Israel,2005'. 

A. D. Winans

A. D. Winans is a native San Francisco, California poet, and a graduate of San Francisco State University.  He is the author of over forty books and chapbooks of poetry and prose.  His work has appeared internationally and has been translated into nine languages.  In 2006 he won the Poetry Kit award as Favourite Poet.

Gill McEvoy

loves poetry with a passion, and besides writing it she runs a small poetry reading group from her home, and poetry workshops. She has had work published online with Snakeskin, Stride, Nth Position, Sentinel and The Surface.  She enjoys the immediacy of poetry online and wonders why more poets don't use this opportunity.

Patrick Carrington

Patrick Carrington was born and raised in the boroughs of New York City. He teaches literature and creative writing in southern New Jersey, and is the poetry editor for the web-based art & literary journal Mannequin Envy ( His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in numerous print journals, most recently The Marlboro Review, Rosebud Magazine, The Roanoke Review, Confrontation Magazine, Slipstream and Flint Hills Review, and on-line at The New Hampshire Review, Frigg Magazine, Barnwood, Eclectica Magazine, Rock Salt Plum Review, Circle Magazine and many others. His first book-length collection, Rise, Fall and Acceptance, is forthcoming in late 2006 from Main St. Rag Press.

John Cornwall

I live in a rural part of the North West of England with my sons Sebastian, Tobias and Joshua.  Poetry is my oxygen and I take particular delight in the work of a certain Sylvia Plath, my most favourite poem of hers for me being, alongside 'Edge' - the last poem she ever wrote before her suicide - 'For A Fatherless Son' whose sentiments I can identify with easily..whoever reads that poem ought to be moved to tears.   My poems have appeared in many webzines, most notably Snakeskin and have been included in Anthologies and print magazines both in England and India and Australia, the most recent of which is A Review Of Contemporary Poetry.

Gary Lehmann

Gary Lehmann teaches writing and poetry at the Rochester Institute of Technology. His essays, poetry and short stories are widely published -- about 60 pieces a year. He is the director of the Athenaeum Poetry group which recently published its second chapbook, Poetic Visions.   He is also author of a book of poetry entitled Public Lives and Private Secrets [Foothills Press, 2005], and co-author and editor of a book of poetry entitled The Span I Will Cross.  His poem “Reporting from Fallujah” was nominated for the 2006 Pushcart Prize.  His short play, “My Health Care Worker Stole My Jewelry” was selected for professional production in January 2006 at Geva Theatre, Rochester, NY. Visit his website at

Jeniffer Compton

I am a poet and playwright who also writes prose. I lives in Wingello on the Southern Highlands of NSW in Australia. My most recent book of poetry is Parker & Quink published by Ginninderra Press and my most recent stage play is The Big Picture which premiered at the Griffin Theatre in Sydney and is published by Currency Press.
From Feb 1 - July 31 2006 I will be the Whiting Fellow in Rome. This Fellowship is awarded by the Australia Council to a poet. While I am based in Rome I would very much like to get out and about to Festivals and readings etc etc. In 2005 I was a guest at the International Festival of Poetry in Genova and had the best time. So - I am ready, willing and able to travel about and can be contacted on my email address

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