This anthology is dedicated to all members of the PK Poetry List past and present and especially to the memory of -




All PK members who would I am sure have been first in line to have their work represented here and who helped make the list what it is today.  We miss their enthusiasm, support and friendship. 


Jim Bennett


The Poetry Kit Anthology 2004: An Introduction by Christopher T. George


It has been a great pleasure for the last 15 months for me to be part of the Poetry Kit e-mail poetry workshop presently managed by Merseyside-based performance poet Jim Bennett.  Previously I had not known of Jim or the list, to my loss, despite being myself originally from Liverpool (I am now domiciled in Baltimore, Maryland, USA).  I joined the list quite serendipitously. 

Here’s the story:  In August 2003, I was staying overnight at a hotel near London’s Heathrow Airport awaiting my flight back to the United States, having days earlier been up in Liverpool for that year’s Jack the Ripper convention at the Britannia Adelphi Hotel, where I was a presenter (yes! I am a Ripperologist as well as a poet).  It so happened that, at that moment, Jim and I were both interested in a CD for sale on the ebay internet auction site of a live performance by late Liverpool poet Adrian Henri, a mutual acquaintance of both Jim and myself.  Jim e-mailed me and we ended up in e-mail correspondence, with Jim inviting me to joint the PK List.  One of those turning points in life, one might say!  Although Jim and I had not met in person, and indeed still have not done so in the flesh as it were, on my last night on Merseyside, my wife Donna and I had been just streets away from his house in Wallasey to attend a performance of veteran Liverpool comedian Ken Dodd’s “Happiness Show” at the Floral Pavilion, New Brighton.  If I had but known. . .

The poets on the PK list are a unique assemblage of talents who bring great good humor, skill, and varying techniques and viewpoints to writing about their world.  The workshop is worldwide and Jim Bennett, who has run Poetry Kit ( on his own since the late, great Ted Slade passed away earlier this year, has kept things running on the list in an amiable and helpful manner, issuing challenges to write on themes and at times putting together anthologies such as this one.  Together with regulars from the list, to the Poetry Kit Anthology 2004, we are very pleased to welcome guest poets Arlene Ang, James E. Corner, Alan Corkish, Mustansir Dalvi, Guy Kettelhack, Terrie Leigh Relf, Louie Crew and Sarah Sloat.  In all, we feel that the anthology offers a wide range of poetry styles and themes, showing a kaleidoscope of influences and backgrounds.  We are proud of the rich and varied content of the anthology and hope that our readers will join us in applauding the talent displayed by this fine assemblage of working modern world poets.

Finally, here are some background details on the Poetry Kit project.  Jim Bennett reports that in 2004 the Poetry Kit website at  had nearly double the number of unique visitors, compared with the year before, for an average of 3,000 visitors each day, putting the list within the top 10% of internet sites and making it a major poetry writers’ resource site. The site provides numerous listings including publishers, competitions, courses, funding, events, festivals, and magazine listings. It also features a Who’s Who in Poetry, a listing of poets on the internet, offers a critique service and a mailing list. It is the home of the internet-based "Poetry Kit Magazine" and a monthly newsletter of competitions and events round the world. The Poetry Kit is a not-for-profit project designed to help established, developing, and new poets by providing a single source of information and discussion on the craft of writing poetry. For more information, contact Jim Bennett through


Christopher T. George

Editor, Desert Moon Review

Member, Poetry Kit mailing list