Front of my home


My name is Barbara, I grew up overseas but now I live in KY, USA. I'm an ICU nurse, mother of four, involved in international crisis relief.  I write, on the back of napkins and old envelopes and throw up bags on airplanes. I write in the car, in the middle of the night, when I'm restless or reflective. I try to be honest when I write but sometimes it is easier to stop just short. I love people, traveling, Africa, the beach, and someone messing with my hair. I don't like boxes and think comfort zones make you old. I won't take risks just for the thrill of it, but if it is to save a life or a cause I believe in, then you'll find me standing at the edge. 

Read Christmas on Three Continents

Taken at the Kentucky Horse Park here in Lexington, KY. Kentucky is Bluegrass Country as well as Horse Country and the most beautiful place to be in the spring.