Frank Faust is a Melbourne based poet who has found himself banished to the rural wilds for the last twelve months - a situation that is starting to look permanent. He appears to have somehow encountered the love of his life through delightfully poetic circumstances, and as a result he now takes great satisfaction in writing what is largely romantic verse.

Contrary to appearances, he is no longer greatly interested in competition or publication (ha!), is hardly losing any sleep at all over how to get a second collection of poems together, and has consigned his first such effort (The Book of Evenings) to the far corner of a wardrobe, where it is being routinely ignored by both Frank and a discerning poetry buying public.

If you're interested in seeing for yourself, despite the above, check him out at If you don't like what you see, write and tell him. If you do happen to like it .... well, for goodness sake, write and
tell him!! What are you waiting for?

Read start with the socks

Yachts on Port Phillip Bay


Frank's House in Melbourne, Australia