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But one morning,
in a flash of inspiration,
I realized I did not need to look at anyone,
nor even to wear my funny hat,
that people listened more closely
if I did not scare them,
did not single them out,
but talked just to the air
like any other self-respecting crazy or poet.


                 from; Nattering by Louie Crew




      Don't Hang Up
     To Canterbury
     The Gospel Truth 
     Watching the Watcher
     A Gay Psalm from Fort Valley
     Chen Yuk Che,
     Ice Cube Poem

1 – BIOGRAPHY:  Louie Crew

Louie Crew, was 75 on 9th December 2011.   He is an Alabama native and an emeritus professor at Rutgers.  He lives in East Orange, NJ, with Ernest Clay, his husband of 37 years.

As of today, editors have published 2,151 of Crew's poems and essays. He has written four poetry volumes Sunspots (Lotus Press, Detroit, 1976) Midnight Lessons (Samisdat, 1987), Lutibelle's Pew (Dragon Disks, 1990), and Queers! for Christ's Sake! (Dragon Disks, 2003).  You can follow his work at http://rci.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/pubs.html

Crew wrote the first openly gay materials ever published in Change Magazine, Christianity & Crisis, Chronicle of   Higher Education, The Churchman, Fellowship Magazine, The Living Church, Metanoia, and Southern Exposure.   He has been editor of special issues of College English, and Margins. He serves on the editorial board of Journal of  Homosexuality (1978-83; 89--).

See also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louie_Crew. The University of Michigan collects Crew’s papers.






Don't Hang Up


Don't hang up,
I'm not a heckler.

I NEED your help
but I can't tell you my name.

I'm in a phone booth
while mom buys groceries,
so I won't take long.

I heard your talk show
and I'm scared.  Last summer,
when I was just thirteen,
I balled with a guy
I met at the bus station.

Now I've got these purple spots
all down my stomach.
I drink five shakes a day
and I have lost fifteen pounds
in just three months!

I'm afraid to go to our doctor
cause he's my dad.
He'd beat the shit out of me
for liking guys.

Can you tell me somebody else
to call?

Cripes!  Here comes mom.  Bye!





To Canterbury

We beat Chaucerian pilgrims by two months,
traveling past sheep in snow, yet crisped in Jags
and Fords.  Forsythian flashes, like bright flags
along the road, performed some yellow stunts
through our steamed glass.   There, we had a hot lunch,
then stood beneath the weathered, nuded crags
where once had stood stone saints in glory.  Nags
ushered dull husbands inside, where one bunch
of U.S.C.s, rapt by a Cockney guide,
saw Becket murdered fresh beneath the Queen
of Spades and pondered skimpy thighs and hide
medieval under a marble maxi.  Lean
and watching, a tired English matron said,
"Well, one cathedral's like another, dead."





The Gospel Truth 
Well, you remember how at Christmas                  
last year the two fairies down our street            
wrote "Bah, Humbug!" on their front door,            
using rhinestones in Olde English script             
(You know how they are!)?                            
Well, I just learned that last week                  
the one who teaches art at the college               
told a group of students at a Christmas party        
that Jesus was born                                  
without benefit of heterosexuality                   
and less than nine months                            
after Mary and Joseph were married!                  
There really ought to be a law                       
against such scandal!                                
If we don't stop them soon,                          
they'll probably claim                               
Jesus loves them!                                    





My one earring stores my powers.

It charms my lover into bed.
Worn aisle-side on buses and trains,
     it reserves me a double seat
     until all others are filled.
On campus it keeps me off all
     but the most enlightened committees.
It is 99% foolproof in protecting me
     from wasting time on racists.
At times it has made otherwise sane folks
     dangle from dormitory windows to giggle,
     "Where's your husband?"
Worn with a cap and gown, it wards off
     any threat of Respectability.
In class, it assures that students question
     what I say and not vainly agree
     because of who said it.
In church, it has made stranger priests
     spill me a double portion of the Mass....

When I take it off, people take me
     for any other mortal.



Watching the Watcher


I watched God when He made
Adam's penis,
matched it with his own,
checked it out for size,
for accordianability,
and for fit and feel
in a dozen orifices;
and I swear
He was happy,
did not draw the curtain,
never smirked,
but winked,
even blinked in anticipation.

I watched God as She made
Eve's vagina,
measured it with Her delicate fingers,
nudged out a dimension,
added springs, nectar, slush,
rejected the notion
of a finger-like protrusion
self-insertable at the entrance,
purred to experience
for the first time
the joy for which
Eve was being made.



A Gay Psalm from Fort Valley

Oh, Lord, we call to you from our apartment
because we are not welcome in the church hall.
Hear us and help us with this terrible fear.
Do not freeze our hurt into false smiles.
Deliver us from countenancing in ourselves
     the rumors our enemies spread about us.
Help our enemies to come to terms 
     with that in themselves
     which they project on us.
Turn their evil into good, oh God.
Make of their children's spit on our faces
     a salve for healing the pains
     which they have inflicted.
Be miraculous, God!
Do not fear to show your glory on the side
     of your children.

Why have our accusers refused even to hear us?
How can your Church tolerate spiritual lynchings?
Deliver us from vigilantes, God.

How they hiss against us,
     gossiping on their phones
     all the day long.
One of their most articulate ones,
     driving his car to house after house,
     peddles the Vestry's hateful petition
     to ask us to leave.
What does he think as the remnant,
     the two loving women,
     turn him away?
Is he ready to be judged with that judgment
     which he has meted to us?
Help him, God.

Why do you allow the proud to turn your house
     of prayer into a court house?
Why do you allow your priests to bully us,
     to insult us,
to spread lies about us in their councils,
     and yet to ignore us
when we are sick or in danger or in need?
     Why have you allowed your house
to become a temple of self-righteousness
     rather than a house of honest sinners?

About ourselves we have spoken the truth
     in love, God,
and the keepers of the Church
     have turned us away.
Were we to debauch ourselves with hypocrisies
     and in secret to be consumed
in anonymous lust,
     they would honor us, God,
     and welcome us as like themselves.
But they have hated us for loving openly
     and responsibly.
They ride by our apartment
     with orgies in their heads
while we cook supper
     and wash dishes together.

Heal this sick town, God.
You promised that the meek will inherit
     the earth, that with Christ
we are joint heirs
of your everlasting kingdom.
     Strengthen us with a sense of being your children.
By your power, ready us for our witness.



Chen Yuk Che,

Widow of Leung Bing Ming

and Mother

of the Late Leung Sai Ham,


the Honor of Your Contribution

at Her Investiture

as a Bag Lady,

on the Lawn

of St. John's Cathedral

Garden Road, Central

just after the Christmas Mass.

Sportswear acceptable.

R.S.V.P. optional.






Give me one, give me one, give me one;
I see ya:  one cracker smile.
Give me two, give me two, give me
two cracker smiles.
Who'll make it three?
Three cracker smiles?
Who'll make it three?
I see ya!  Three cracker smiles.
Three going once, three going twice,
Sold for three cracker smiles
this pretty little pickaninny's
photograph just before they blew up
the Sunday School.

Give me one, give me one, give me one;
I see ya: One good ol' boy's grunt.
Give me two, give me two, give me
two good ol' boy's grunts.
Who will make it three?
I see ya: Three good ol' boy's grunts.
Who'll make it four?
Now surely some one of you recognizes
a real bargain when you see one.
I mean, it ain't everyday that you gets
to see wimmin libbers hauled off to jail
and raped.  That's better:
Sold to the Colonel there,
one 8 millimeter projector with the full details
for four good ol' boy's grunts,
with a pair of the panties thrown in for good measure.

Give me one, give me one, give me one;
I see ya:  One basher's knuckles.
Who'll make it two?
I see ya.  Two basher's knuckles.
I see ya.  Three basher's knuckles.
Well, folks, trading's fast here today.
I see ya.  Four basher's knuckles.
Come on now, who'll make it half a dozen?
Four going once, four going twice
Six basher's knuckles, I see ya.
Half dozen once, half dozen twice,
Sold, for half dozen basher's knuckles
bid by that man yonder in blue overalls
for one sissy school teacher, with all of his fancy clothes.

Give me one, give me one, give me one.
Who'll give me one?  I see ya.
Two.  Who'll give me two?....

Sold to America.





It happened without warning.

One day I just started saying out loud
all the stuff that swarmed inside me.

At first I looked at a person next to me,
and when she turned away,
I looked at the one next to her,
and when he turned away
I looked at the one next to....

But one morning,
in a flash of inspiration,
I realized I did not need to look at anyone,
nor even to wear my funny hat,
that people listened more closely
if I did not scare them,
did not single them out,
but talked just to the air
like any other self-respecting crazy or poet.

I quit staring strangers straight in the eyes
as if each was a long-lost relation
washed up on shore to hear the story
that I alone have escaped to tell.

And it worked.  No matter what they
thought they thought about me,
clearly they started listening
to everything I said.

And as I named the evils of these times,
I noticed that people five and six rows away,
or people way the hell to the other end of a line,
would nod, or mutter "Yes, sister."
Then someone else would say, "Ain't it so."

Occasionally I would peek
at those who spoke, and nary a one
actually looked in my direction.

But they listened, and many responded.
A couple of times fellow travelers
put up such an echo that others
muttered as they left,
"Bunch of loonies taking over the world"

These too spoke to nobody in particular.





                  Ice Cube Poem


              (For My Guest Who Caught
             Her Brother Holding My Hand
              Whilst Her Back Was Turned)


                   For 4000 years
                 your turned-up nose
                 licensed funeral pyres,
                   electric chairs,

                     Even now,
                    above Lo Wu
                   on ad hoc nights
                 your turned-up nose
               squeezes snug into armpits
                  to help squads aim
              when brothers stand too long
                 beyond a final dribble.

                I'm glad yours wrinkles
             without a match, switch, or gun;
                but I'll not push my luck
                 to stick out my tongue

                    60 years ago
                   Mother told me
               that those who make faces



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4 - Afterword

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