MAY 2005
Editor - John Howard



I want to write
a poem a milkman can whistle
on his round
I want to write
a poem to be printed on
a postage stamp
with one word missing
- A poem for you
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We also feature three poems from Jim Bennett's poetry collection "The Man Who Tried to Hug Clouds"
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The sign at the end of the road
There was a sign at the end of the road
It said “adopted”
I always thought
that was how
people knew
but no one had told me
I found out at 12
in a shop
I heard a lady I did not know
as she spoke
to someone else
this is the one
Mary adopted
she said
as she smiled at me
and it was
I never told Mum or dad
kept it secret
like they had
but searched for
eventually found it
in an envelope
under clothes at the back
of a bedroom drawer
inventory 1953
the inventory came with the baby
1 three piece outdoor set
4 turkish Napkins
2 pair of socks
2 nightdresses
2 pair of shoes
2 vests
2 liberty bodices
2 pair knickers
1 cardigan
2 Jersey suits
1 pair rubber pants
1 pair mitts
it filled up the space
below the statement
which read
I will receive James into my home
feed, clothe and look after him
and bring him up
as carefully
and kindly
as I would a child of my own
below this and below the
was the familiar scratched
signature of my mother
who has always kept her word
Why I hate Barnardo’s

when my mother died
I went in search of myself
I knew most of the story
abandoned at Christmas
taken to a children's home
later taken to hospital
near death
but then I found
I had avoided deportation
because Barnardo’s
only wanted strong children
they took them
lied to them
sent them to new lives
out in the Commonwealth
for many Australia
was the place that hid
the shame of their birth

I am always grateful I was left
with asthma
coughing through
the British winter
too sick to be sent away
glad my new parents
found me then
glad I had the chance to have
the life I have
but even so
I will always hate Barnardo’s
Discovering Scotland
I discovered Scotland
waiting in ambush
north of Glasgow
you must come
hold the cord
carry your mother
to her resting place
I was told
this was the mother
I had met six months before
who lied on her last breath
to keep the truth
of my birth from me
once she made me
now she made me a hypocrite
I stood principle mourner
put my new sisters
into second place
turned her funeral
into a sham
I walked
carried her coffin
held the cord
lowed her into
the ground in Morar
and buried my past
with her
A poem for you
I want to write
a poem a milkman can whistle
on his round
I want to write
a poem to be printed on
a postage stamp
with one word missing
just to make each one valuable
I want to write
a humourous poem
one can sell on draft
in the pub
a barrel full of laughs
I want to write
a poem for you
Liverpool Is
Liverpool is
town on Saturday
football and beer
Pierhead and ferries
Dale Street Church street
Sefton park and the rec
it's places and people
accents and buildings

Liverpool is

old and new
the Tate and the Walkers
the Spinners and the La's
Christians and McGough
The Liverpool Scene
and the Dead Good Poets
sarcastic and funny
using words like daggers

Liverpool is

a bevie with your mates
having a laugh
the Albert Dock and Canning Street
the Rope Walk Roads
the good old days
the bad old days
poverty and tears
making do

Liverpool is

cathedrals and religion
mosques and temples
chapels and churches
the red, and the blue
the orange and the green
Goodison and Anfield
universities and shopping
students and the homeless
side by side
shoulder to shoulder
with the Pope
in Hope Street

Liverpool is

nann bread and pita bread
chips and Chinese
pizza and bagels
an Indian and McDonalds
it’s every colour and tradition
it's white and black
brown and yellow
England and Ireland
Wales and Scotland
Pakistan and Bangladesh
India and China
the West Indies and Hong Kong
Somalia and Cameroon
it’s every place
its a kaleidoscope
of mixed living
loving colour

Liverpool is


At night when the world ends
there was a time when people believed
that at night the world ended
so many myths about it
the sun being eaten and born again
the day held by the powers of darkness
sacrifices and prayers
blood and effort
to birth the new day
make everything right
now in our cold bedroom
and my empty bed
I want to believe
that you will be there
when I wake
but there is no sacrifice
or effort I can make
no prayer that will work
and each morning
my heart is ripped out
held aloft
by your final words
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