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I had a great time completing the beginner's course.   I felt it was personally tailored to suit me, the assignments were interesting and enjoyable,

and Jim's comments were constructive and generous.   I hope to take another course after having got some more writing under my belt!

HB -  ENGLAND (Foundation)


This course has been excellent and achieved what was stated on the website in terms of seeing poetry differently and gaining confidence in writing.

I really appreciated the prompt one to one feedback and helpful advice.

JW - ENGLAND   (Foundation)


I thoroughly enjoyed this course – Jim Bennett is not only a poet of the highest calibre, but  a most inspirational  tutor who is exceedingly generous with both his time and knowledge.  I would recommend the Poetry Kit without hesitation to anyone wishing to develop their poetic skills.

SF - ENGLAND  (Foundation)


I really enjoyed the course: it opened me up to the possibilities of poetry and made me take my own writing more seriously. The feedback throughout the course was specific, helpful and thought provoking. I'm going to sign up to another of your courses now and look forward to continuing to work with you.

EB - ENGLAND (Foundation)

This course was the best value for money course I have ever done. I can't overstate how much I learned through your lessons. I was completely lost regarding poetic composition and you helped improve not only my writing but my ability to read and understand other poetry. So, thank you!

AF - Ireland (Foundation)




I took Level One and found that my perception of poetry was challenged and reinvigorated.  I found Jim Bennett to be an excellent tutor, encouraging and honest in his critique of my work.  I will definitely sign up for at least Level Two, building upon the confidence and inspiration this course has given me.

The Poetry Kit also offers great value for money.  I highly recommend it. 

A McC - N. IRELAND  (Part 1)


I signed up for a poetry kit course as I was struggling to move forward with my work. Within 6 months of completing the course I had poems published in two of my three target publications. The third came soon after. I found Jim to be a good teacher and felt very much as if he had connected with me for the duration of our course. I am certain I would have given up on poetry without Jim's support and teachings. 

MS - ENGLAND (Part 1)


I have just completed Poetry Part 1, an online course which I have thoroughly enjoyed. The content and instruction has been of high quality, engaging, interesting, constructive and encouraging. The responses received have always been extremely prompt and I can highly recommend this course to anyone who should be considering it. I've enjoyed it so much that I have now enrolled on part 2!

TE - ENGLAND (Part 1)

The course was extremely useful and incredibly good value - the one-to-one feedback meant that I feel my writing has progressed a great deal.

AM - ENGLAND (Part  1)


Thank you so much for this opportunity, I'm so glad I found Poetry Kit and your course.  I've learnt so much - obviously still a lot to learn, I've been challenged and at the same time I've had a ball..

HP - Ireland (Part 1)




The value I have had from this course has been worth its weight in gold!  

GE - UK  (Part 2)

I feel I have developed a greater insight into the intricacies of prosody especially in free verse which has helped to improve my work. Jim is encouraging and positive in his feedback and his course material is interesting and varied. I've found his reading recommendations a bonus.

I've produced a few poems which I would never have expected to write and spent the summer self-publishing a 32 page booklet.

Jim is a dedicated tutor and I've benefitted hugely from his courses.

AN - LONDON UK (Part 2)

I have found that following the course and doing my best to fulfil the assignments set has sharpened my awareness of the ‘making’ aspects of poetry. In particular it has made me more conscious of lazy writing, line-breaks, overly ‘poetic’ language.

The course has been useful in encouraging me to break away from my current writing interests and forcing me to think harder about what works in a poem.

Having deadlines and specific tasks, while it may not have produced any very memorable poems, has kept my writing muscles (in the brain as well as the hands!) flexed and been a productive experience.

I would like to thank you for an interesting, original and most stimulating course which has consistently engaged my creative and critical faculties and is excellent value for money.

AC - SCOTLAND (Part 2)


I was able to do Jim's poetry course on and off while working and looking after my son. I always looked forward to the next assignment and felt that by the end of the course, I had developed a rapport with the man. Highly recommended.

RI - SPAIN (Part 2)




The personal feedback I received was excellent and I still value everything we covered a few years on.

NW - SPAIN (Mentoring)


Taking the intermediate level course, and then the mentoring sessions put me on the right track to create better poems. The exercises and feedback from Jim were valuable, to make me see objectively where my repeated failings were, and how to recognise lazy habits. The mentoring was particularly helpful as it was personalised and supportive.

GR - UK (Mentoring)


Learning and studying Poetry, through Level One, Level Two, and two full sets of Mentoring sessions, with Jim Bennett of the POETRY kit, has been the most enriching learning experience of my life. Jim is attentive, sensitive, supportive, a great teacher and a marvellous poet. The courses are extraordinary value for money.

JF - IRELAND (Part 1-2 and Mentoring)


I undertook the mentoring one to one course with Jim Bennett at a very vulnerable time in my writing career. I was lost and unsure what my writing voice was; what it looked like and/ or sounded like. With Jim's gentle and patient but very honest and knowledgeable guidance, I am now in an empowering position of not only knowing my voice but being confident enough to share my voice with others, far and wide, no matter what.

I loved working with Jim because his writing assignments pushed me out of my comfort zone in measured steps. His feedback and discussions were just want I needed to look at my writing critically and compassionately. It's a shame our time of working together had to come to an end.

SM - ENGLAND  (Mentoring)

I learned a lot from the PK courses. The material I produced was treated with due acknowledgement of the work I put in to it. I feel more confident in being able to produce work of a reasonably high standard. I enjoyed the courses very much.

DA - ENGLAND  (Part 1 -2 and Mentoring)

'I have just completed a course of one to one mentoring with Jim Bennett.  His feedback is always prompt, helpful and constructive and has helped me develop my skills in writing poetry. The reading material provided has been interesting and stimulating'.

JW - ENGLAND  (Foundation, Part 1 and Mentoring)


...thanks for a fantastic course and for your mentorship, I've thoroughly enjoyed it.

RL - England (Mentoring)