A Poetry Kit Poetry Course is available wherever you are.  If you are online you can take a course.
You need nothing more than an interest in improving as a poet and internet access.



 Personal Programme




Duration – 10 units


Mentoring Programme – One to one mentoring.  In each session there are challenges, exercises and projects to complete.  Ideas are discussed and foundations for poems developed with assistance and feedback, working through drafts to completed poems. This is a mentoring experience that will work with strengths and identify weaknesses in writing style, all content chosen to meet the needs of the poet. The mentoring is over a period of 10 sessions, at the end of that you should have portfolio of poems which are complete and further poems in draft which are being worked through. The purpose of this course is to offer individual mentoring and the time taken will depend on the speed of the student.  


Mentoring can be taken up to five times.

This is actually less a taught course and more of a shared experience of poetry.   The sessions work in one of two ways; the first is a challenge to write a poem in a particular way, or on a particular subject or with particular tools. The poet will produce a draft and then we will look at ways to develop, improve or change the poem.  The poem is developed in this way until it is complete. (copyright of the poems produced on any of our courses remains with the poet)


We also consider any bad habits in the poet’s writing, we all have these, particularly if you write a lot or have been writing for a long time, and show you how these can be eliminated.  The second type of poem will be any that the poet wants to write and feel they need some advice about, in this case we will work in the same way with that.


We also have exercises on different poetic elements; some of these will be very easy, while others might bring on a bit of head scratching.  


Some poets join the mentoring programme because they want to work on a collection or produce a new sequence of work. Whatever is needed we will bw able to assist the poet.


Mentoring is very fluid and although there a many prepared sessions, we may use all or none of them, this is mentoring for a poet and the poet is the most important person in this process.

Fee – The course fee is £110 (UK£)

The Tutor - The course is presented by Jim Bennett who is a highly experienced lecturer having delivered courses in creative writing for the University of Liverpool, Edge Hill University and for the WEA. Jim is a full time professional poet who earns his living from writing poetry and lecturing. He has won many awards over a forty year writing career. For more information see an interview and his publishers page.


For further information email - courses@poetrykit.org