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We will:

As far as possible try to keep to the stated timeframe for courses however where this is not possible we will extend until all of the required course components have been covered.  The course length is for information only and courses may go beyond the stated period.   Breaks in the course may be required to take into account a lecturers annual holiday or other national holidays.  Occasional reading weeks may be utilised by a lecturer to assist students in completing outstanding assignments.  A reading week would not be counted as a week of the course.

If a student is unable to continue online we will endeavour to deliver the course content and feedback in an appropriate way.


In exceptional circumstances the lecturer may be changed during the course.  If this occurs all the work produced on the course will be sent to the new lecturer for their information, but this will not affect the students rights to their work.


A students failure to access any part of the technical communications being used on the course will not invalidate the course.  The lecturer will if he or she thinks fit try to deliver the information in an alternative way.


All written work submitted to the lecturer remains the copyright of the student.  Even if the student follows ideas or suggestions put forward by the lecturer, the whole of the work copyright remains with the student.  The lecturer will at no time have any claim over the copyright of work produced by the student.  Except where assignments involve the manipulation of texts provided by the lecturer for illustrative purposes.


We will endeavour to provided the lecturer listed for a course, however we reserve the right to change lecturers if this is necessary.


Students who are having difficulty keeping up with the course deadlines, for whatever reason, will be assisted however if it becomes necessary the lecturer may take the option of rescheduling the student onto the following course.


Be fair and honest in our dealing with students and always critique or give feedback which reflects the true opinions of the lecturers.


Work to assist students in achieving their aims in relation to the course.


Please note that duration to complete a course wil vary.  Each course will state a target time and a a maximum time..  In practice most courses will run over the target time and take longer   than the stated target as this depends on students turn around time for assignments.  Each course has a maximum allowed time and if this is reached and the course still not completed then we reserve the right to terminate the course at that point.


Although a format exists for each course the lecturer will may vary content to meet the needs of the student.


Students are expected to:

Pay for their course in time for the payment to clear into our account prior to the date of commencement.


Responding to assignments  

Check their email regularly and keep up to date with course assignments and turn in any required work within a reasonable time.  A "reasonable time" would be any period up to 1 week from the time of receipt.  Students who do not reply to an assignment within four weeks will be considered to have left the course. 


Most courses can be comfortably completed within 12 weeks, but can be completed in a shorter time if the student responds promptly. However course will continue until  the student has finished the course or the course is considered over through inaction, or the total time allowed for the course has been reached for most courses this is six months.  The time is taken from the date of sending the first assignment for a course. 


Query any unreasonable delays in response by the tutor in case a mail has been overlooked or gone astray.


Produce work which is original and their own, submit it in a way required for the assignment, and send it in the body of an email to the email address provided. 


Use the materials provided for their own use and not to disseminate any of the writings used to any other person.  All mails sent to the student and written by the lecturer are the copyright of the lecturer and must not be reprinted in any form.  They are for the sole use of the student.


Remember that all the materials used are copyright and although licensed to be used for the purpose of the course any such dissemination would probably breach copyright laws.

Understand that course fees once paid are non-returnable but we may reschedule a course or allow a course restart in exceptional circumstances.  


Courses once started cannot be transferred to another person. 


Please Note


If in exceptional circumstances (decided by the Course provider),  and provided that notice is given by the student more than two weeks before the course start date, we agree to the return of a fee then a charge of 25 is charged to offset our costs.  If less time is given for an agreed cancellation in exceptional circumstances then a fee of 40 is charged. 


 In exceptional circumstances the Course provider may reschedule a course or allow a course restart .  If so, there is an additional charge charge as shown above.

Course content can be varied at the discretion of the Course provider.


If there is any concern on the part of the student they should contact the course administration office at info@poetrykit.org