the poetry kit

About the PK Poetry List

The PKPoetryList is a poetry mailing list open to poets and readers of poetry from around the world to join. You can post poetry, comment on or about poetry or just sit and read what others write. Most of all it is a place where we can learn from each other in a caring and supportive way. All we ask is that you respect views that are different to your own.

Before applying to join the list please see the notes below.

Membership is open to poets (established or new), people who like to read poetry and people who want to write poetry - all are welcome.

The only suggestions are

a - You should accept criticism in the spirit it is offered.

b - You should offer suggestions on other peoples poetry from time to time.

c - Poems posted must be your own work or posted by proxy with permission.

d - Poems posted to the list are private and the copyright of the person who wrote and posted the poem.

You should also remember that the poem you are reading and intending to critique was actually written by someone who will read your comments.

Criticism is fine, it is what the list is about, but please keep it constructive.

This is a list for everyone who is interested in poetry, however occasionally poems dealing with adult themes will be posted. Because of this it is felt that membership of the list should be restricted to adults.

We do not accept any material that may be considered offensive on any grounds. 

The decision of the list editor in all matters is final.

PK List Protocols

a - No attachments please. If a picture is essential to your work, post it to a website and give the URL (if you need help with this let me know).

b - Please do not use Rich Text or facility giving coloured background or image. (if there is a "plain text" option on your mail server please use that, unless HTML tags are essential for the passing of specialist information OR poem layout.) All replies should be in plain text.

c - Please remove as much of the previous mail from your email as you can. Failure to do this just leads to reposting the same information over and over. This is the one thing which can have the biggest effect on reducing list download time.

d - Where possible reply to several mails in a single post.

e - Do not add a new poem for critique at the end of someone else's mail.

F - Use a new subject title for every new poem you post. Please avoid posting mail with the subject blank.

f - Hold personal conversations back channel.

g - Please do not post personal comments which may cause offence.

h - Do not carry over discussions from or to other lists, or comment on people who are not on this list when this would cause offence.

i - Do not share any posts sent to the PK List with anyone who is not alist member.

j - Please do not include the list address as part of any mailshot, or CC to anyone not on the list.