The Poetry Kit MAGAZINE




 Two Poems by Richard Lighthouse


Richard Lighthouse is a contemporary writer, artist, and poet from Houston, TX.  His work has been published in numerous journals and magazines worldwide. 


He can be reached:  RL1-at-ausi-point-com






how to build an army of cult followers:



your odyssey begins with narcissus 101. 

self absorption is the key

but don't lose sleep over losing sleep

fans adore you already.


can you feel it?

they haven't met the real you -  

more famous than yourself.

larger than ego.   extolling self.


first, there is no wrong right.

born from beginning,

sheeple need guidance.

take the     lead.  


give in to adoration.   chant your slogan

like a rooster in perpetual sunrise.  

become their need,

intoning until you arrive.


say it out loud:  me.    me.     me.





a highway makes a long sigh



words have a certain dry air

roll down the window and  take it in

     -  like desert passage.

tires wheeze at each mile; ; ;


semicolons of distance.

white stripes dodge the  car in

repeating metaphor.


black tar heaves its sulphur smell

then thump over a dead word carcass.


see it in the rear view?


the car is your

steel cocoon and upon arrival you will

metamorphose.    capitalize.


this poem is a place    you

have never been.

and still can't spell.