Edited by Jim Bennett







Poems added February 2011


Approaching Rembrandt by Martyn Halsall

The Doctor Who Spoke to Bones by Lizzy Hudson

A curtain-raiser by SK Iyer

Equestrian by Mick Moss

The Banquet by Thomas Orszag-Land

A New Cartography by Mandy Pannett

Six a.m. by Sally Plumb

Opium by Sam Silva

The Bucket by Mark Stopforth

Spider by David Supper



Poems added August 2011


The Birds by Craig Taylor-Broad

The Green Man of Druitt Gardens  by Lesley Burt

Fiction by Geoffrey Heptonstall

Chip shop, Ebbw Vale by Saul Hughes

Making My Own Acquaintance by Raud Kennedy

The Reed by Thomas Land

Magpie Negatives by Ciarán Parkes

Henry and Susie are missing   by Hilda Sheehan

Fayetteville To The Coast by Sam Silva

Housewife Kate by Amy Standring



Poems added December 2011


Thom Tom By Marc Carver

Approaching Rembrandt by Martyn Halsall

Sunday Morning by Louise Hastings

Jamaica by Chris Jackson

Dusk by Thomas Land

Is A Poem Fiction? by Bruce McRae

At Walden Pond by B. Z. Niditch

Kneeling on the Redwood Floor By James O’Sullivan

Orrery by Mark Stopforth

The Flying Moneys by Ron Yazinski


Contributors / about 10






Barry Fitton Interviewed by Mick Moss



Poetry of Survival - By Thomas Orszag-Land







Reviews 3

Grain;  John Glenday. 

Wallingford Bridge; David Searle. 

Wild Reckoning, ed Burnside and Riordan. 

Bukowski books - Selected by May Sung


Reviews 4

Breakfast at Kilumney by Maureen Weldon.

The Luton Ghoul Blooms by David Mac. 

Hannah Frank Books introduced by Judith Coyle and Fiona Frank.

Powerless by Will Daunt 

Allotments in the Orbital by Mandy Pannett

Poetry Kit Book of the Month - First Sixty ed by Patricia Oxley


Reviews 5

Islands in the Blood by Geoff Stevens

but black and white is better by ken champion

How to Euthanise a Cactus by Stephen Derwent Partington


Reviews 6

Blind Genius and Wild Luck: The Poetry of John Yamrus. Review by Marc Carver

Refurbishment by Joy Howard, Review by Abergail Morley

Injuring Eternity by Millicent Borges Accardi Review By Lesley Burt

Slow Dance, by Saleem Peeradina, Review by Ray Givans

Faludy Lights the Flame of Freedom in Eastern Europe, By Thomas Orszag-Land