Every year when the UK celebrates National Poetry Day in October, Poetry Kit's community of poets get together through the medium of the PK Poetry List to respond by way of a poetry based project.  Over the years poets from around the world have taken part in a variety of projects all designed to celebrate poetry.   Although all of our projects have had outstanding results one of the most memorable events was held on NPD 2002, when many of us decided to mark the day by writing a short poem, a snapshot of a time and place at various points in the day.

As we approached NPD 2007 we decided to recreate that special day and poets, again from around the world agreed to write poems at a number of points in the day,   The results were posted into the PK List as they were written so all through the day and in the following morning we were able to follow the progress of time around the world, from the first poem of morning in New Zeeland to the final stroke of Midnight  on the West Coast of America.  Just Another Day perhaps, but one celebrated and recorded in poetry.   

Please join us and share another day: