Transparent Words - Poetry


Gary Blankenship


Song of Myself #5 - Mate

Song of Myself #6 - Duck-shooter



Song of Myself #5 - Mate


5.  The mate stands braced in the whaleboat, lance and harpoon are ready,


I contemplate the greats –


Moby who took Ahab’s leg

Monstro who swallowed Geppeto




the humpbacks yet to be saved by the USS Enterprise

sperm who battled giant squids in the briny trench


the last beached at San Clemente


and wonder if my harpoon is sharp enough

lance is honed enough

hawsers are strong enough


that I might join the legendary hunters

and defeated






Song of Myself #6 - Duck-shooter


6.  The duck-shooter walks by silent and cautious stretches,


each window sparkles

with the latest ware

shipped straight from Chicago

for the Main Street stores


hip boots water lilies flannel suits unmentionables

ice cream maker recliner rugs crystal vase

camp stove flamingo lawn ornament sauce pan


harmonica zither mandolin


I puts down a fin for the harmonica

lays away zither and mandolin

with a sawbuck


raise my scattergun

empty the till of 17 greenbacks

duck in a barrel


they let me keep the mouthharp





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