Transparent Words - Poetry


Gary Blankenship


Song of Myself #7 - Deacons

Song of Myself #8 - Spinning-girl


Song of Myself #7 - Deacons


7.  The deacons are ordained with crossed hands at the altar,


sanctified by horn, tooth and claw

consecrated by hoof, feather and fin


the bishop holds

the baptism bowl in his paws

the choir bleats hymns

written on wind and tide


across field and fen

inside forest and marsh

the congregation squeaks and honks

approval and prayers

for the coming seasons


a fisherman casts a fly

under the trout’s nose


a hunter hides behind blinds

and camouflage


an exterminator lays

traps and poison

along the basement walls


chickadees and nuthatches

scatter grain and corn

the raven’s warnings



the fox’s prophecy

near fruition


a shot rings

throughout the cathedral




Song of Myself #8 - Spinning-girl


8.  The spinning-girl retreats and advances to the hum of the big wheel,


unable to resist the dance

the weft the weave

the spindle’s turn

the treadle’s tap




(and the wheel turns)


gold brocade for the queen

lace for the lady in waiting

silk for the bride

homespun for the farmer

broadcloth for the lawyer

unbleached wool for the monk

calico for the apron

hemp for the noose

corduroy for the youth

satin for the dilettante

herringbone for the banker

polyester for the backup singer

nylon for the soldier’s gift


(and the wheel turns)


I cannot  refuse the dance

the spin



of thread that binds





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