Transparent Words - Poetry


Sally James

Poem inspired by Gary Blankenship’s poem

Number 26 Hunter  (Wolverine)


She wolf


Some would call me gentle, others kind. They do not know me. I am wild. I am free. I am more wolf than human. Some try to tame me, make me obey but my instinct is strong. I follow the wind. Chase the night scents. Suckle my young in the warmth of my den. My heart was strong but men broke it. They chased me over grasslands and forests. Hunted me down till I was weak. I was never frightened. Many of my kind perished. They became pelts of warmth in dark days. I survived but my spirit is wounded. I tread the nights softly now. My mate was strong with fierce spirit. He disappeared in the long hunt. Sometimes I think I hear him call when the moon is bright and the nights are still. I follow the trails of ancient times, try to seek my own but the wind has changed. There are few of us left. Sometimes we gather where the trees are many. Call to each other with the soft whine of wounded souls. There are many tales to be told and songs still to sing and I will sing them.




A love poem inspired by Walt Whitman’s “Song of myself”


There is nothing left now but love.

When the sky changes from blue to black

he will be with you.

His head will rest upon the curves of your breasts.

His lips touch the nape of your neck.

The tricks of nature will have misled you

but there is goodness in the seasons.

Each blade of grass is measured.

Your hair will fall like braids of gold upon

his shoulders and though your seeds will

no longer scatter the earth,

your arms will never be empty.





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