Richard Dripping

-   -

who is he? poems still dripping old drips give us yer money get lost


Mars Bar
as the Mars Bar melts on your lips
chocolate dribbles down your leg


the girl called Angel
swung herself down legs wide
to show her thin-pantied snatch
round and round the pole she twisted
and I could glimpse her hole
each time it passed
shrouded in cotton
smelling of home

The Parrothouse
is a cat house full of traps
but I risk them
even stand up to feel a leg
before I slip a ten-dollar bill into
her sweaty crotch

she looks down as I
fiddle in her pants
while longing throbs in mine

a girl comes
rubs herself against me
offers to rent herself to me
rubs my cock
under the table
offers to do anything I want

anything I want!

I think of all the things
that anything could be
and remember I am ten bucks short
of the rent
I gaze in longing at Angels panties
and wonder
if my ten is having fun



Big Bang
probably wasn't
sound can't travel
when there is nothing to travel through
still I hope God liked it
he probably spent an aeon or two
planning it
before he had invented aeons
working out all the parameters
for the sub atomic particles
making sure it would all work out
turn into a universe
with life and everything
there wasn't much else to see or do
those days
no days
no Golden Jubilee
or Buckingham Palace
with all the fireworks
so I hope God
enjoyed the BIG BANG
all the effort it took
and I hope it wasn't
a big disappointment
like it was for me last night


I drink to ease my pain
she said
I laughed
Whatís so funny
she asked
I drink to ease my thirst
I said
she laughed
Thatís what you think
she said


These poems are all Copyright Richard Dripping

reproduced here with permission