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Kate NoakesAlistair Noon

Kate Noakes



Kate Noakes divides her time between Caversham, Berks and Paris. She was born in Guildford of Welsh parentage. She has degrees in Geography, and English Literature from Reading University and a MPhil in Creative Writing from the University of Glamorgan. She has lived in California and South Australia.


Her work has appeared in a number of magazines in the UK, USA, Canada and Europe including Mslexia, Cadenza, Iota, Other Poetry, Tears in the Fence, Citizen 32, Poetry Ireland Review and The Wolf. Her work has been anthologised by Cinnamon Press, Leaf Books, Seren and Two Rivers Press. 


She has been invited to perform at the Poetry Society, Glastonbury Festival, Nottingham Poetry Festival, Henley Literature Festival and The Troubadour amongst others.


Her first collection Ocean to Interior was published in 2007 by Mighty Erudite Press (www.mighty-erudite.co.uk). Her second is The Wall Menders (Two Rivers Press, 2009) She can be contacted via her website www.boomslangpoetry.blogspot.com


Alistair Noon
Tongji University, Foreign Experts Bldg., Zhangwu Lu 69, 200092 Shanghai, China

About 60 performances, in front of audiences ranging from 4 to 400, including at sound poetry festivals in Berlin (1996), Lyons (1999), Geneva (1999) and Bordeaux (2000). Poems in magazines, anthologies and audio-anthologies in UK (The North, Oasis, SVP), France, Germany, Italy. The Berlin Senate chucks money my way sometimes. And I wrote the text for a sound installation performed in the centre of Berlin at the turn of the millennium.