Edited by Jim Bennett


The Best of Caught in the Net

This edition of Poetry Kit Magazine celebrates the first 20 of the 50 issues of Caught in the Net, the Poetry Kit emag, by reprinting some of the memorable poems that appeared in the first 20 editions.  The Caught in the Net archive can be seen at CITN

Image by Lynn Owen

Grass by Larry L Fontenot

Spooked Horses by Janet I Buck

Highway 61 Revisited by Corey Mesler

It could've been me by Mick Moss

the poem to end all poems by Jim Bennett

There is Cheer in His House by Duane Locke

Miss by Rosemary Whittingham

New Year's in St. Thomas by David Gershator

City Skyline by Barbara Phillips

The Photograph by Nicola Harding

Rose by Louise Wagener

Of a Visit by Maureen Weldon

One of God's Movies by Frank Joussen

99 Red Balloons by Christine Marie Umscheid


Poetry Project

Calendar - a poetry sequence by Jim Bennett (JB) and Lesley Burt  (LB)

Responses to "Calendar" by David Supper, David Clarke and Stuart Nunn


New Poetry

2 poems by Tom George

2 poems by Richard Lighthouse

3 poems by Ravi Shankar Rajan




Continental Shelf: Fred D’Aguiar.   Reviewed by Stuart Nunn

Dick of the Dead: Rachel Loden.   Reviewed by Douglas Barbour

Making the Known World New: Kenneth Steven.  Reviewed by Martyn Halsall

How Hall:  Tom Rawling.  Reviewed by Martyn Crucefix

Larkhill: Jim Bennett.  Reviewed by Martyn Halsall

Over and out from Down Under; Waiata Dawn Davies Reviewed by Jim Bennett

Framed and Juxtaposed; Lesley Burt.  Reviewed by Jim Bennett

Antisocial: David Blaine.   Reviewed by Gill O'Halloran